Essential Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Roofing Contractor


Finding a roofing contractor is not a challenging task; what is challenging is finding an excellent roofing contractor that can serve you right. If you need a popular commercial roofing contractor notes, then there are specific steps you should take. They’ll guide you to choose rightly. The steps include researching some of the best Roofing contractors in your locality and setting up interviews with them. During the interview, there are some essential questions you should ask. The answers you get from those questions will inform you how competent the contractor is to serve you. Below are the essential questions to ask before hiring a roofing contractor:

Do You Have A License?

You don’t want to hire a contractor without a license. Thus you should ask the contractor whether their company is licensed in the city or not. If they are licensed, you can hire them. If not, you should look the other way to find another Roofer with a license. Note that if a roofing contractor is not licensed to practice in your locality, there’s no formal way to know if they’re qualified to practice or not. Since there are more options from which you can choose, you shouldn’t risk hiring an unlicensed roofing company.

Do You Have Workers’ Comp Insurance?

Workers’ insurance isn’t cheap, so many roofing companies don’t have it. You may be sued to cover their medical bills. Therefore, if you don’t want to be liable for treating an injured worker after you’ve paid for your service, then you shouldn’t attempt hiring a company without workers’ Compensation insurance. If the workers of a company are insured, and they are injured during the course of carrying out their job, the insurance company will step in to pay the bills, and you won’t be liable. That is the kind of roofing contractor you should patronize. Hence, before hiring a roofing contractor, ask if their workers are insured or not.

For How Long Have You Been Practicing

It will be a terrible mistake to hire an inexperienced roofing contractor. Therefore, to be on the safer side, you should ask how long they’ve been in the roofing business. Perhaps you think it’s unfair not to patronize a roofing contractor that’s just starting with no experience. How will they also be experienced if you don’t give them a chance? Maybe that’s also a question in your mind? If so, just keep it in mind that you don’t want your roofing project to be used as an experiment. Thus, it would be best if you asked how long the contractor has been practicing. Most roofing contractors don’t survive their third year. Hence, if you find a contractor with over three years of experience and still doing well, then that should tell you that they are up to the task.

How Long Will The Job Take?

It is essential to know how long it will take a contractor to complete your roofing project. This will allow you to consider whether their timing is suitable for your plans. More so, if you don’t ask about how long it’ll take for the project to be completed, the Roofer might not take the job seriously and take longer than expected for the project execution. However, once they give you a specific time for the project completion, they’ll work towards the deadline, hence, avoiding any delay.

Do You Provide Warranty?

Installing new roofing is one thing; for the roofing to last and stand the test of time is another thing. Hence, you should ask your roofing contractor whether they provide a warranty or not. If they’re confident about the quality of service they’ll render, there’s no reason why they shouldn’t provide you with a warranty. More so, it’s not just about asking if they provide a warranty or not; it is as about asking how long their warranty covers. If they give a warranty, they’ll be responsible for fixing any damages included in the terms and conditions of the warranty during the specified period. If the contractor responds by saying they don’t provide a roofing warranty, you may want to step forward and look for another roofing contractor that’s more confident in the service they render and can provide a warranty.

If you take the time to ask these essential questions before hiring a roofing contractor, then you should be able to choose rightly.

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