Esports Betting With Bitcoin Is Leading The Gaming Market

Esports has gotten powerful recognition among sports fans and everyone how is keen on betting. The revolution of virtual gaming and digital money has brought a completely different attitude to gambling. Countries that were against a provision of any kind of gambling are opening their doors to high-tech solutions step-by-step. They find them as a solid source of income that can add a good stake to the national growth revenue.

On the other hand, online gambling platforms are legal in many countries as they learn to circumvent respective laws and enable people to leverage their services online. There are no strict regulations that prohibit online gambling. Most of them concern land-based casinos and betting kiosks. For example, the US doesn’t permit gambling except for 4 states: New Jersey, Nevada, Tennessee, and West Virginia. Over there, esports is 100% legal. 12 states allow bettors to access regulated eSports betting with Bitcoin. It sounds a bit confusing: four states legalized it, other 12 regulated it, but the other states are under prohibition.

Why is it so? There is no clear answer and explanation, and it is under consideration yet. The main feature the country draw special attention to is the payment method. They are interested in avoiding any fraud and hacking attacks. For this reason, many Americans prefer using cryptocurrency for paying products and services to fiat currency. And its popularity has spread to other developing countries as well.

This technology comprises blocks that build a consequent chain of elements where verification of transactions takes place. Thus, such an algorithm provides a secure environment and doesn’t require any personal data. As a result, gamblers remain anonymous for everyone in their payments. This guarantees fewer attacks from scammers, and it’s not the end of its advantages. Esports betting crypto is more than just a comfortable pastime and an exposure of emotions.

What Esports Betting USA Types Are Used With Crypto?

Online sportsbooks that are available in the country where the punter lives disclose many avenues: from betting options to enticing bonus offers. Integrating cryptocurrency into gaming platforms has led to more opportunities and wider use of crypto coins in depositing and withdrawing.

Esports Bet Crypto Types

The bet types don’t differ much from traditional ones, and include the next:

  • match bets;
  • moneyline bets;
  • live bets;
  • totals bets;
  • special bets!

Benefits of Crypto betting

When choosing esports Ethereum betting method, the bettor will get more exciting things like:

  • speedy deposit in a few minutes;
  • safe withdrawals with no limits;
  • anonymity in transactions;
  • advantageous bonuses and promotions!

No matter if the punter uses esports Litecoin or Bitcoin, the benefits operate on any crypto coin mentioned as a payment option. Whatever leading esports are your favorites — LoL, CS:GO, Dota 2 — esports betting with crypto is the best security solution.