Ensuring you have the Best Possible Shipping Container Office for You


More and more people are converting shipping containers into businesses or offices, or things that can help them better DO business. Shipping containers portray a very modern and structural aesthetic and this is part of what makes them so attractive particularly to younger market demographics. It is also cheaper and easier to set up a shipping container mobile office using a shipping container in comparison to building one from scratch, with these you already have the base you need ready to go! We’ve got some tips to help you make sure your container office is going to last you for a very long time to come. Also, check out the best Storage containers for rent in New York.

Ensuring you get a Quality Container

Most buyers find it difficult to decide if they want to buy used or new shipping containers, especially given the price difference that generally exists between the two. If this is you, then you should look into one-trip shipping containers for your mobile office. These containers have been used once only assuring you they are still in proper condition and are not too expensive. A good middle ground of both, ensuring affordability and strength.

Why build anything with shipping containers?

When buying a shipping container for any reason really, look for those made from Corten steel. This material is the best for shipping container offices because it is tailor-made to resist harsh environments and corrosion. Don’t forget the original purpose of these containers, months and months on end of travel across the open ocean, and sitting in port in the harshest of conditions, but still protecting what’s inside it. When you have a shipping container office made from Corten Steel, you know it’s going to be safe sitting there in even the harshest of weather. The longer your container lasts, the better value you get! Pretty much all containers are going to be Corten steel, but it can’t hurt to ensure.  Also consider options to send parcel from singapore to uk as well.

Portable Mobile Offices are Made for Customization

Most reputable vendors typically provide their clients with customization options for their shipping container offices so that you can fit it to YOUR needs. The most popular are the windows, HVAC systems, general comfort. Conex shipping containers are still metallic all through, they can get warm when it’s hot outside. A window air conditioner is usually sufficient for a full-fledged HVAC system can be installed if needed. Shelves, desk, storage of all types can be added wherever you have room as well so you’ll never be lacking room to put things.

It is important to have sufficient lighting in your mobile office as you would any other office space. When modifying your shipping container, think about installing a few large windows to let in enough natural light in the day. This will offer added visibility in your shipping container office and the natural light makes space look much bigger and more cheerful. This can help you increase productivity and morale.  Check out our friends at Portable Mobile Offices for your customizable office space on the go at the best possible price.

How could you use your mobile office?

Truly you can do just about anything you want with a shipping container, in terms of offices specifically you could have anything from a miniature classroom or presentation room for work to a set of computer terminals and some nice tables and chairs to act as a nice break room for your employees. You aren’t at all limited to just storing things nor are you limited to it strictly being an “office” space.

The main usage we see is in the construction industry. Any halfway decent or sizeable job has some kind of office or central planning/storage space in or near it. Frequently these containers are used by construction crews who need offices they can transport around and securely store goods in, that’s where conex containers excel.

You can shift around your storage setup as needed per job. Say one job requires an expensive piece of drilling equipment that you can’t afford to just leave out, well you can shift around your office and lock it up in there right. Otherwise we mainly see them used by planners and project managers to direct projects from and just have space to lay out these massive plans and ensure every detail is being followed.

Portable Mobile offices are something special, if you’ve been searching endlessly for some kind of customizable storage or office space that is heavy duty enough to protect anything but easy enough to transport that it can be done in a few days or less, this is it. Seeing as how they are made on such a massive scale and put out of commission so frequently, shipping containers are often a good bargain compared to something more traditional like a wooden trailer, especially when you consider just how long a shipping container is going to last.

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