Enjoying DIY Cocktail drinks for Christmas

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Now we celebrate Christmas in different ways and what better way to enjoy it is to make our very own cocktail drinks. So what is a cocktail drink? It is a mixed drink with a dash of spirits added with fruit juice, syrup, or cream. It can be served on different occasions, moods, or seasons.

Now, you don’t have to be a professional to make cocktails, you just need the following:

1. Cocktail shaker

This is considered to be the most important tool in making cocktails because it needs a lot of mixing.

2. Glasses

Presentation is very important even if we’re doing it for our friends or family. You would mind drinking your piña colada in a plastic cup, right? The right kind of glasses for every cocktail is important.

3. Alcoholic drinks

Spirits give our drink a kick and a boost so here are the lists of the beverages we need:

  • Vodka
  • Gin
  • Whisky
  • Tequila

4. Liqueur

It is a strong and sweet distilled spirit that is perfect for cocktails. Here’s a list of the best liqueur for any cocktails you may fancy.

  • Amaretto

It is almond-flavored and is perfect for casual cocktails.

  • Coffee

This is perfect for all kinds of cocktails to add bitter and sweet taste flavor.

  • Dry and sweet vermouth

Perfect for Martinis

  • Irish cream

Great for young people who wanted to enjoy spirits mixed with their good, old cocoa and cream. A classic example is Bailey’s

  • Orange liqueur

This is perfect for cocktails for a fruity, citrus taste.

5. Citrus and fruits

These are essentials for it the enhancement of the taste and serve as a pretty décor to the glass too.

6. Sweet syrup

Now we can be a bit adventurous here. It can be sugar syrup, honey with cinnamon or lemon zest.

7. Ice

8. Juices

Concentrated fruit juice or real fruits such as oranges and pineapples are the best.

9.Spices and bitters

Cinnamon, Star anise, and vanilla are perfect. You can also add more spices that you think will be perfect for your drink like Angostura bitters and orange bitters.

Now that we are ready for our main ingredients, we can try making our Christmas cocktails which is a sure winner.

10. Snowball

A classic cocktail fit for this type of season, snowball is a mixture of brandy, egg, syrup, and ginger ale. Perfect after a Christmas dinner and enjoying light conversations with family members or friends.

11. Milk and Honey

This cocktail drink is simply amazing. A mixture of milk and Benedictine, a honey-flavored herbal liqueur can create a delicious drink. Milk can be warm or cold.

12. Winter cocktail

A cocktail drink that can make warm December cool and cold Christmas feel warm. A mixture of rum, citrus, sugar syrup a little bit of ginger spice liqueur proves that it can be great for any type of Christmas season.

13. Tangueray Almond

It’s a simple mixture of Amaretto liqueur paired with gin and cherry to create a delightful aroma on a cool night of December which would definitely soothe your senses.

14. Cinnamon Margarita

A combination of cranberries, cranberry juice, orange liqueur, lime juice, and a dash of tequila plus a bit of cinnamon syrup is perfect not just for Christmas but the entire year.

15. Kumquat-ginger Caipirinha

This is a perfect cocktail drink for countries that enjoy summer at this time of the year. A mixture of fresh kumquat, sugarcane juice, caipirinha, and Brazilian rum would definitely make your December evenings memorable.

Final Insight

Cocktail drinks complete any occasion and are perfect in every season may it be warm or cold. A little bit of imagination is the best trick to enjoy your drink.