Electric Lawn Mowers: What To Know Before You Buy


Due to rising gas prices, electric lawn mowers have become the best equipment for maintaining healthy lawns.

Buying one is an excellent investment. Due to their low pollution contribution, they are quieter and better than gas lawn mowers. As a result, it does not emit carbon monoxide, which is harmful to the environment.

There are plenty of types to choose from, making the selection process a little challenging.

Thanks to our technological advancement, lawn mowers have improved over the decades. You’ll find a brushless lawn mower that can adjust the power needed to cut the grass. They are also resistant to overheating.

Different types come in various price ranges and features. Brand names also play a massive role in deciding which lawn mower to buy. In spite of this, each of them performs the same task: cutting the grass and maintaining it.

Buying An Electric Lawn Mower

Keeping a healthy lawn or garden is beneficial to your health and property. So using a lawn mower makes the job easier to maintain the lawn.

There are various types of electric lawn mowers, and it’s tricky if you are unsure which one to pick.

What are the things we need to consider before buying the lawn mower aside from the price? Here are five essential things you need to know before purchasing one:

1.  Deck Material

Lawn mowers’ decks come in different materials. You’ll find plastic and metal ones.

Plastic decks are relatively more affordable than metal ones. They are also lighter, which means they are easier to use because of their weight.

However, metal ones are generally much better. They are heavier than plastic materials, but they will surely last longer.

You’ll have no worries when hitting stones while using it because it can withstand impacts better than plastic materials.

Since it has better wear and tear, you can expect not to buy a new one soon.

2. Wired or Cordless

Cordless lawn mowers are more compact than wired ones. However, the weight is something to consider.

The battery contributes to the equipment’s weight. Generally, the bigger the capacity is, the heavier the machine will be.

These days, most lawn mowers are powered by 12-volt lithium batteries. This will allow homeowners to cut grass in a small area. It is possible to find ones with a higher voltage, but they will be more expensive.

You also need to consider the charging time. However, you can buy some accessories such as battery packs to make them last longer.

On the other hand, wired lawn mowers don’t need batteries. They are often equipped with long cables. Just plug the machine in and start mowing.

Wired lawn mowers are more efficient to use on more extensive lawns because you don’t need to think of charging them often.

3. Handles

Handles are one of the most critical parts that you need to consider.

You’ll be using the equipment for more extended periods. You’ll squeeze the handles and push the machine to cut the grass.

If it’s not comfortable for your hands, you could injure them.

Thicker rubber or foams don’t mean it’s more comfortable. It will depend on the quality of the material.

The best thing to do is hold the handle before buying it and exert a little force. If you feel discomfort, you need to look for a different material.

4. Height Adjustments

Adjusting your lawn mower’s height is essential to keep your grass healthy. Generally, you need to cut off a third of your grass. But it could be adjusted, especially when your grass is recovering due to pest invasion.

You want to maintain your grass’ ideal height, so you’ll need to adjust the blade often.

When the season changes, your grass’ growth speed also varies. Spring and fall are the two seasons when grass grows fastest. Your blades should be set lower during these times.

Ideally, go for lawn mowers that span one to four inches from the ground.

5. Wheels

Lawn mowers with bigger wheels provide more efficiency. Debris won’t get stuck while you’re using it.

If you use a lawn mower with smaller wheels, it’s easy for mulched grass to be trapped in the wheels’ bearing. This can cause the lawn mower to stop functioning.

You’ll have to take a break as you remove the debris from the wheels.

Bigger wheels can help you work faster because they are easier to control, especially for sharp turns. You don’t need to exert much force to push the equipment.

Go Green! Use Electric Lawn Mowers

Electric lawn mowers are considered more efficient than gas-powered ones. They are also better for the environment.

This equipment can help you keep your grass healthy and beautiful, improving your property’s appearance. At the same time, it’ll help you cut your grass faster without thinking of gas.

When choosing one, consider the information given above. They’ll help you get the best value for your money as you mow your lawn better.


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