Electric chainsaw vs Petrol chainsaw for home use


Trees and bushes can cause real problems when they become overgrown even causing damage to any surrounding buildings.

A garden looks much better when it is maintained and it is also much better for the trees and bushes health if they are pruned and chopped back at the correct time.

Always find information from a reliable source on the tree’s you are cutting before you start to cut back your tree’s or bushes.

You can save yourself money and bag the job satisfaction of keeping your garden in great condition.

After reading https://toolinspector.com/best-electric-chainsaw/ I decided to look into the development of the electric chainsaw v the petrol model.

Electric chainsaw

I have started with the most useful cutting tool for tackling tree’s and branches, just like the petrol chainsaw it works by rotating the chain at speed forcing the cutting teeth in contact of the wood forcing it to be cut away.

Simplified operation

The electric chainsaw is more suited to home users because it is easy to start and is more simplified than the fuel driven version because there is fewer parts to check and maintain.

The fuel driven chainsaw has an air filter, fuel filter and a spark plug to think about whereas the electric chainsaw is driven by an electric motor fed by a lithium rechargeable battery so it has less to worry about in terms of maintenance.

The electric chainsaw is perfect for trimming back branches quickly with little fuss and if you have a high number of tree’s to look after you can always buy spare batteries so you will always have a charged one ready to go.

If you find one with a battery quick charge system this will also help people who need to cut alot of branches.

You can also find corded electric chainsaws and these are also great cutting tools just like the cordless chainsaw but without the need to keep an eye on the battery they are a great addition to the tool shed.

The cordless chainsaw has the advantage over its corded brother when it comes to getting into areas but the corded one has the advantage when it comes to operating for long durations and is also the cheaper of the 2 versions because it doesn’t have those expensive lithium batteries.

Chainsaw oil levels

You still need to keep an eye on the oil level on any type of electric chainsaw as the chain and other components rely on the oil to keep lubricated and operate correctly.

Electric chainsaws come in many different sizes and power grades so you can always find one to suit the cutting work you are facing, if you are just cutting back branches you won’t need a professional grade electric chainsaw you can get by with one that is around $100-$200 that will be more than enough for cutting branches up to 12 -16 inches.

If you are cutting down full tree’s you would need to look at a more powerful electric chainsaw with a good high Voltage battery and powerful electric motor.

These types of chainsaws are normally priced around $400+ but you can sometimes get them a bit cheaper if you time it right.

Electric chainsaw development

As battery technology improves it pushes technological advancements in all the devices, machines and power tools that use them.

With the emergence of the electric car and the large amount of money being spent on research and development the future for electric power tools is only going to improve, it won’t be long before cordless electric tools will make ground on their petrol counterparts meaning the electric chainsaw will eventually match them for grunt and staying power

The petrol chainsaw

The petrol chainsaw is the more powerful of the 2 types and for commercial or industrial tree felling you won’t beat this power tool.

It provides more power for longer using the combustion engine to provide pure grunt.

They do have more components to maintain but are still highly reliable cutting tools most of the time.

For most home users though they are going to be an overkill and you may get fed up of the checks and maintenance needed to keep the powerful machine ticking along nicely this will be a put off for many people who just want to trim back or take down their small trees.

With the electric chainsaw pretty much being a switch it on and go version of the combustion engine chainsaw.

This is not to say the electric chainsaw is better than the petrol model, no it’s just more suited to some tasks and much easier to operate for new starters to the chainsaw.

Whereas if you took an electric chainsaw to work with you at a logging company they would probably laugh at you and question your credentials.

Chainsaw product reviews

Always carry out some research before you commit to purchasing because not all electric chainsaws are created equally.

There is a massive amount of choice which is good for the consumer but that also makes it harder to determine which one is best suited to your needs.

My recommendation is to do some research on previous buyers feedback or use a power tool review site which will break down the pro’s and con’s of various models making it easier for you to decide.

Chainsaw warranty

It is important you check the returns policy of the company you are purchasing from to ensure you can send it back for free if it has any issues in the near future.

This can save you a headache and lost money because even the most reliable power tools sometimes develop faults from time to time.

Chainsaw safety

Always follow the rules of safety when you are operating any chainsaw, there is very few tools that are as unforgiving as the chainsaw when an accident occurs with many people being injured everyday and even losing there life.

If you are just started using a chainsaw, then you must know some important points about how to use a chainsaw properly without getting injured. You can read this detailed article about chainsaw tips for beginners by Tools Territory.

Gloves, goggles and a hard hat should always be worn and you should also have someone working with you if you are operating at height or dangerous scenarios.

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