Easy Tips to Cozy Up your Home for Fall


As the air turns damper and the evenings get darker, we’re all starting to feel like lighting a scented candle, curling up with a cozy blanket and a cup of tea, and settling in to watch a movie or read a good book. But fall is a great time for making changes too. It’s the ideal opportunity to transform your home into a wonderfully inviting spot to enjoy those long, chilly evenings. Here are some quick ideas for turning your house into the perfect retreat for the most atmospheric time of the year.

1. Use Throws and Fabrics

Adding cozy textile features like throws, blankets, and cushions is one of the simplest ways to get your house ready for fall. You’ll want to put some thought into the materials you choose – to get that genuine autumnal cozy feel, we recommend going thick, fluffy, soft, and shaggy. This will help soften any hard lines in your decor scheme while also adding layers of texture. And of course, the fluffy materials are ideal for keeping you warm as the nights get colder.

2. Warm up with Custom Pillows and Blankets

Soft pillows and cuddly blankets are sure to make your house feel cozier – but getting your favorite pictures and photos printed on your own personalized pillow or photo blanket will bring a whole other kind of warmth to your living space. Custom pillows and photo blankets are a great way of using your own photo captures as part of your interior design. Displaying prints of your favorite photographs – of loved ones, pets, or breathtaking natural scenes – will help create a calming and nourishing environment.

Creating your own pillow and blanket is a simple matter of choosing your images and uploading them to an online print shop which sells custom home textiles. Though we do recommend doing a bit of research to check that your chosen print company is reputable. If you’re looking for a tip, CANVASDISCOUNT, an industry leader, is one of the best providers: they use only first-class materials and cutting-edge printing technologies but keep price to a minimum.

3. Use the Power of Fragrance

When it comes to bringing the comfort of fall into your home, you shouldn’t underestimate the power of aromas – filling your living space with evocative seasonal scents can instantly change the mood. Smoke and leather are widely used components in cozy autumn/winter season scents. You can also use some natural oils and mix them up to create the perfect aroma – for example, a mixture of cinnamon, vanilla, and orange oils will bring to mind freshly baked cookies. To maximize circulation you can use a reed diffuser for oil scents.

4. Create an Atmosphere with Candles

Candlelight is known for its calming effect – so simply lighting a few candles in your living space can be immediately soothing. And scented candles, of course, are known for being commonly used in aromatherapy – so they can provide an emotional lift not just with their shimmering light but with their fragrance too. Autumnal scents like pumpkin spice, cinnamon, and apple are good choices, as well as woody scents.

5. Add Pumpkin

What could be more autumnal than coming home to a cluster of pumpkins on your front porch? If you don’t want to spend too much on what are, after all, perishable items, you could think about getting just one single pumpkin to display in a prominent position – in front of your house, in the foyer, or perhaps on your dining table. Note that if you are displaying your pumpkins outside, an area with some protection from the elements is best, as moisture can speed up the spoiling process.


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