Easy Steps On How to Maintain a Healthy, Beautiful Lawn On Your Own

Maintaining a lawn is not that easy. If you know what you are doing it’s not that hard either. Today we are going to teach you guys Easy Steps On How to Maintain a Healthy, Beautiful Lawn On Your Own. Frankly speaking, you at least need a good lawnmower if you are taking gardening seriously. You might want to take the best lawn mower your budget allows. Because you may regret later on for trying to cheap out.

Remove existing weed:

The first and foremost thing you should do is, remove all the existing weed from your lawn.

Like Thanos, weeds are inevitable in lawns. That doesn’t mean they should be welcomed. They are unwanted guests. Well in real life you may not able to remove those unwanted guests from your home, but you can remove those unwanted weeds from your beautiful lawn. In fact, you should remove those weeds.

Not only they hinder the looks of your lawn they might ruin the grass too.

Pull out weeds from the root with hand or a handheld weeder. You can use a hoe to remove them too. You can use herbicide to remove them too, but make sure to read the instruction manual from the manufacturer.

Dethatch the lawn:

The matted accumulation between glass, debris, and roots, they can cause dead patches in your lawn. It leaves an open space where weeds can grow. You need to inspect the lawn for thatches. You need to inspect at least 1inch layer of the lawn. After finding out the thatches you can use power dethatcher or dethatch rake to remove the thatches from your lawn.

After that process, your lawn may become ugly to look at. Don’t worry it will self heal withing 3-4 weeks top.

Aerate the lawn:

Go out and inspect the turf for compaction problems. You can do that by digging a square foot from your field and examine the roots. If the depth of the roots is smaller than 2inch, then my friend you need to aerate the lawn.

Don’t worry aerating a lawn is not that hard. You need to water the lawn 2 days before aerating run a core aerator over the lawn at least once. Cover the full lawn don’t miss out any corners. After that, you need to apply compost all over the lawn. If you don’t have compost then you can use send. But we highly recommend using compost.

Grass seeds:

During the time before spring and through winter, grass and leaves will tend to die and fade. It’s nature, but what you can do is before spring you can plant lots of different kinds of grass seeds. Such as Kentucky bluegrass, rye, fescue, etc. You can even plant Zoysia or Bermuda grass in the early summer. The point here is plant seeds more often. Don’t forget to take care of those seeds by watering and applying composter.

Mow regularly:

Earlier we mentioned something about the best lawn mower. I hope you guys didn’t forget that already. We highly encourage you to buy a lawnmower if you are serious about maintaining your lawn. Trust me it will make your work a lot easier.

So, our suggestion here is that mow your lawn regularly. Buy high-quality lawn maintenance and care equipment from this source.

Don’t go too overboard and definitely never scalp the lawn. Set your mawn deck to 2-1/2 to 3 inches tall. If the glass is taller than that it’s even better. It will make it easier to clean out the weed.

While mowing alternate your pattern to 45 or 90 degrees. It will help prevent soil compaction.

Feed the grass:

Like your trees grass also needs water to grow. That’s why you should water your lawn regularly. But don’t go overboard. You don’t want your lawn to be full of muds. It may bring unwanted guests (worms). Also, it makes the lawn look bad.

If you follow these steps regularly and take good care of your lawn. Trust me the end result will leave you breathless.