Easy Guide to Prepare for a New Dog


Bringing home a new canine friend is an exciting step. Whether you are adopting a rescue or purchasing a new dog, it is vital to give them proper care.

A dog is a man’s best friend. They are amazing companions and are very loyal. They will shower you with love and bring you joy. These adorable pups need constant care and love.

Dogs are hyper and can get nervous easily. Their first day home is essential, so you have to be fully prepared. To give them the nurture and comfort they deserve, here are some easy tips.

Give the Good News

If you live with your family or have flatmates, it is important to let them know you are getting a new dog. Make sure they are mentally prepared and elucidate how big this responsibility is. It is crucial for your dog to be accepted by every member of the house. You can also discuss how they can help and assign them roles.

If you live by yourself, you should let your friends know that you are getting a fluffy friend. Let them know that you might need a dog sitter if an emergency comes up. If your friend is a dog lover or already has one, then it will be a huge advantage. You can get very helpful advice from them such as vet references.

Choose a Name

Much like humans, your furry companion also needs a name. The name is core to their identity. Dogs are immensely responsive and will come to you immediately every time you call out their name. Some studies show evidence that dogs prefer their assigned names over others.

Choose a simple and fun name for your pooch. It is recommended to avoid using a complicated name. Opt for a name that goes well with their personality or looks. If you are struggling with naming your puppy, you can research online pet name ideas.

Get a Dog Tag

Other people also need to know the name of your dog. Along with your fuzzy companion’s name, make sure the tag also has your name and contact number. This will be handy if your dog gets lost; good samaritans can reach out to you when they find your best friend.

Moreover, a dog tag will prevent people from taking your pet to the shelter. As a preventive measure, it is strongly recommended to get a microchip installed. If any mishap occurs and your dog gets lost, you can locate your buddy with the help of the chip.

Stock Up

You can purchase basic pet supplies online or at your local pet store. Start with every basic need of your dog like food, bowls, a bed, toys, etc. You also need to ensure that you have the proper grooming tools for your friend. To keep track and make sure you get everything you need, you can make a checklist.

If you are adopting your dog from the shelter, get to know your new friend’s necessities and preferences. For instance, find out what your dog usually eats and if they require any medication. This will help your canine adjust to the new surroundings easily. Moreover, you would not want your new pet to encounter any diet and health complications.

Dog Proof Your Home

For your fluffy friend’s safety and comfort, it is crucial to dog-proof your house. Ensure there are no death traps in your house like glue traps or even an abandoned piece of chocolate. Yes, this beloved sweet treat is immensely deadly for your friend.

Make sure your house is clean and get rid of anything dangerous to your dog. Your top priority is your pooch’s welfare and security.

Get a Vet

Find a vet closest to your home. It will be most convenient, as well as allowing you to access immediate care during emergencies. Read reviews of vets before reaching out to them. Get recommendations from fellow dog owners and do your research.

It is ideal to go for local veterinary clinics with 24/7 emergency services. Keep a sticky note on the fridge with the emergency hotline number so that it is easily accessible.

Who Let the Dog Out

Your dog needs exercise; it is important to take your furry bestie out for a walk. Stock up on everything you need when you go for an adventure with your dog.

Get a good quality harness and collar. Make sure the material of the collar is comfortable for your dog. Also, get poop bags for your four-legged friend so that you can clean up after them.

To protect your dog’s paws, purchase protective shoes. Wearing those shoes will keep your dog’s paws away from harm, and it is a necessity during hot summers.

Clean Carpet

Carpet maintenance is a challenge for every dog owner. To overcome this challenge, you should stock up on cleaning supplies. Load up with carpet cleaning solutions, rags, towels, etc. You can also get a UV light to spot camouflaged stains and remove them.

Bathroom Breaks

Invest in excrement cleaning tools. Purchase a poop scooper and bags that are specifically designed for picking your dog’s feces and chucking it away. Stock up on loads of newspapers and pads. Whether the dog is trained or a rescue, accidents are inevitable. Make sure you have towels and stain removers.

Take your time in potty training your dog. Always train your dog with positive reinforcement. Your fur friend has come to a new place, so be patient throughout the whole acclimatizing process. Plan out the housebreaking routine for your pup.

If you have a backyard, let your dog sniff around and become familiar with the place. Let your dog sniff around any trees close by and give him time to be comfortable. Your furry friend will understand this is his designated bathroom spot when you give him time and praise when he finishes successfully.

Happy Furever

Getting a new dog is one of the most amazing and fulfilling milestones. It is the best experience in life. Dogs are the best companions and will always have your back. Give them all the love and care they truly deserve.

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