Easy Cookie Packaging Tips Everyone Should Know


You may be an A-grade pastry chef, or you simply know how to bake the best cookies ever. For most people, baking delicious cookies is easy, as long as they have all their desired ingredients and recipe. However, the main challenge is in packaging, more so when you wish to make them in bulk for commercial purposes or to be used as a gift.

Regardless of the types of cookies that you’re making, packaging them in cookie boxes requires you to follow a few standard rules, such as:


Cookies come in various sizes, so it is only reasonable to get a packaging design that matches well with your cookie size. You wouldn’t want to get a package where your cookies seem not to sit in well, as this would distort the general aesthetic appeal. 

Before you bake cookies, it would be prudent to determine the size of the packaging you’ll be getting to make the ideal cookie size. 

Protection Of Taste

It is a no-brainer that cookies can have their quality deteriorates as they wait to be consumed. This may happen over time when they are lying on the shelves waiting to be sold. Some of the things that might change over time is a drop in their taste and visual appeal.  You need packaging that doesn’t let in moisture or support moisture to build up. Besides that, biscuits, in general, tend to pick up strong smells that may impact the rancidity that negatively affects the overall texture and taste.


Did you know that strength is another thing to consider? Cookies are considered fragile; hence they ought to be handled in protective packaging. Furthermore, in some rare cases, rats and mice might enter the packs, destroy the cookies or even make them unfit for human consumption. 

Having strong and sturdy cookie boxes that would prevent all these from happening is very important. 

Look For A Grease-Resistant Lining

Everyone know that the biggest secret to a sumptuous cookie is the decadent butter (or oil). This content makes the cookies appear and taste sweeter. However, grease tends to leak through certain packaging materials, such as paper. 

To get the oils and butter off your packaging, go for bags or boxes that have a grease-resistant lining. This not only helps to contain the rich butter but also keep your packaging look aesthetically pleasing.

Don’t Be Afraid To Show Off

Don’t be afraid to show off your deliciously baked cookies by giving your customers or recipients a sneak peek of what they are about to savour. You can do so by using a little cellophane window or through a full boutique-style lid. Showing off your cookies through a clear part of the packaging not only elevates its aesthetic appeal but is also known to lure new customers into tasting your product. 

It might not always be easy making your own packaging. At times, you will require expert help when doing so. However, ensure that the cookie box you get is made from high-quality materials, preferably paperboard and food-grade recycled paper. They should also be easy to clean whenever there are any mishaps.

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