Easter plans you can do at home

Easter is a great time to relax and enjoy some activities with friends. After all, it’s not often you get to enjoy two bank holidays over the space of a weekend! But sometimes it can be difficult to work out how to make the most of this time. Below, we explore some Easter plans you can enjoy from home.

Easter movie marathon

If you fancy something restful from home, then you could enjoy a movie marathon over Easter. These don’t have to be films to do with Easter – you can pick two or three films that you haven’t had time to watch lately. Just select your films, purchase or make some of your favourite snacks and then make your lounge as comfortable as possible for your marathon.

Indoor Easter egg scavenger hunt

An indoor Easter egg scavenger hunt can be fun for you and your friends. To prepare, you’ll just need to have some chocolate Easter eggs delivered, before picking someone’s house for the hunt. From there, you can set up a trail with clues to help you find your hidden Easter eggs.

Make an Easter basket and send it to a friend

It can be wholesome to spend some of this time making an Easter basket for a friend. Just find a neat, little basket and fill it with treats and crafts to surprise a loved one. This can make for a wonderful Easter surprise, while also unlocking your creativity.

Make and send Easter cards

You can also use this time to make and send Easter cards. There are plenty of different themes you can for with your homemade card: from cards shaped like eggs to drawing chicks, there are plenty of ways for you to get creative. Just draw up a list of recipients and get going.

Organise an Easter-themed dinner with friends

Another option is to organise an Easter-themed dinner with friends. This will work best if you divide the roles amongst your friends. A few different people can cook each course, someone can be responsible for decorations, and another can plan some games.

Create a new Easter tradition

You could also use this time to create a new Easter tradition with your friends. Maybe you’ll create a tradition where you head out on a big shopping spree, or maybe you’ll create a tradition where you enjoy a night in together. Ultimately, the fun is in sticking to this tradition every year.

With the time off from work over Easter, there are plenty of activities to enjoy. Just pick something from the list above and prepare to have a great time over Easter weekend with your friends.