Does your home need a roof replacement?


Installing new roofing is undoubtedly the most crucial of all major home repairs. Though a new roof isn’t spectacular, you’ll appreciate its value if your old roof fails, causing water to harm the interior of your home. Roof replacement isn’t something to take lightly, and it’s also not something that should be put off. Before obtaining estimates from roofing contractors, read up on these essentials if you suspect your roof is nearing the end of its useful life.\

Sometimes the need for roof repair is not as clear as a leak or roof failure; there are various symptoms that your roof needs to be restored.

Signs that your roof needs a replacement

  • It’s been damaged by wind or hail for a long time. Strong winds can rip off roof shingles. If you detect shingles missing from your roof after a storm or severe winds, you should replace them to avoid further damage. Exposed sections of the roof might be damaged and subject to leaks without the protection of the shingles.
  • If your roof isn’t properly vented, for example, it can damage your shingles. The roof simply appears to be ancient and weathered.
  • Weather conditions similar to those experienced by homes built around the same period may indicate that your roof is nearing the end of its usable life
  • Streaks of darkness. Airborne algae cause dark stains on roof decks. While this is unlikely to harm the roof shingles, it may not be attractive.
  • Light Shines Through the Roof Boards. Small streaks of light or fissures of daylight shining through the roof may be visible from an attic, or similar area where the inside of the roof is exposed with the lights turned off. This is a sure sign that the roof is damaged or missing shingles and that the roof is leaking. If there is any evidence of light passing through the roof and into the home or business, the roof should be replaced or repaired.
  • There is a problem with the chimney flashing. Areas of your roof that are flashed, such as the chimney, might deteriorate over time. The tar and roof cement flashings surrounding the chimney base can leak, indicating that your roof needs to be replaced. In many circumstances, all that is required to cure the problem is replacing the flash with a sturdy steel flash.
  • It wasn’t properly installed. A roof with oddly placed shingles deteriorates faster than it should, which could be due to faulty artistry. Unprofessionally installed roofs have a shorter lifespan and are more likely to leak.
  • Moss can grow on roofs that receive little sunshine, especially in cool, humid areas. Moss growth isn’t always only a cosmetic concern. Moss traps moisture on the roof surface, which can harm the granules on the top of the shingles over time in freezing areas.
  • The shingle tabs are cupped, or the shingle edges are curled. Where granules are lacking, there are bald areas. Shingles that have cracked. Your roof is at least 20 years old; while many shingles now are designed to last, a variety of circumstances can hasten shingle ageing.
  • Dark Streaks Can Be Found. The dampness from the roof might seep into the walls, leaving stains from top to bottom. Although reasonable leaks may not be noticeable, dark stains symbolise that water is leaking through the roof and should be investigated for leaks.

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