Do you want to be an Architect?


Architecture is particular and not a profession for anyone. For successful architects, it’s more of a lifestyle than just a job that pays the bills. The mind of an architect juggles many things: lines and angles, numbers, clients, contractors, and numerous creative solutions the average brain can’t easily comprehend.

It takes patience, dedication, and a specific skill set to get an architecture degree. Moreover, it takes even more to build a successful career after that. If you’re wondering, “Should I be an architect?” We’ve listed the skills you’ll need to thrive in this outstanding profession.

What skills do you need to be an architect

Choosing architecture is a smart move for the right person; it’s interesting, the pay is excellent, and you get to contribute to the way society is shaped. However, not everyone has what it takes to succeed in this complex role.

If you want to know how to be an architect, here’s a list of necessary skills to possess, according to award-winning architects from SDH Studio:

You’re Clever

An architect has to understand a wide variety of things and wear many different hats. They must excel in multiple qualities and have a strong understanding of numerous building disciplines. It takes smarts to understand the mechanical, electrical, and structural aspects of a building. While being clever doesn’t necessarily make you a brilliant architect, it gives you a solid foundation. You must be smart enough to determine all the required calculations to make each structure work. Moreover, you must understand the materials you work with and the landscape. With all aspects combined, St George architects always make sure safety is always a priority.

Your Negotiation Skills are Awesome

A good architect has to possess killer social skills. To be good at your job, you must communicate well with all sorts of people –clients, interior designers, engineers, contractors, and staff. Moreover, you will have to share your ideas for particular designs with others, and often it’ll take a little convincing. Excellent communication skills will allow you to present your ideas professionally so that everyone understands your vision. You’ll also need to be comfortable giving presentations regularly because it’s how you’ll bid on perspective projects and pitch your ideas to clients.

You Find Learning Fun

To become an architect, you need to be ready for continuous education. You’ll have to start by going through a licensing protocol required in the state where you want to practice architecture. In most cases, the process includes three basic steps:

  • Education
  • Experience
  • Examination

It’s essential to choose a school that gives a degree accredited by the National Architectural Accrediting Board. Once you’ve gone through the entire course, you’ll take an exam to get your license so you can call yourself an architect and start working as one.

However, you’ll have to continue staying on top of architectural innovations and continuously apply for new licenses and accreditations. There is no other way to remain competitive. If learning is fun for you, you may be great material for an architect.

You’re a Natural Problem Solver

It’s essential to have problem-solving skills to be an architect. Whether you’re designing a structure from scratch to pitch an idea to a client, or you’re trying to meet the client’s needs, problems will occur all the time. Whether it’s structural or design issues, you’ll need to know how to fix things as they start going wrong. This skill isn’t only necessary to become an architect – it also plays a significant role in moving one’s career far forward.

Thinking Out Of the Box

Being a creative thinker is an essential quality for an architect. You’ll create inspiring buildings while staying within safety regulations. The best and probably only way to wrap your head around it is through creative thinking. Architects must combine their creative thinking with logical, mathematical tasks. They love drawing, sketching, and creating, but they’re also wizards with numbers. Most importantly, they know how to combine the two and come up with outstanding innovative ideas.

Your Mind Loves Science

If you’re looking for a profession that combines science and art, architecture is your best bet. While it’s essential to create unique buildings and structures, it’s also crucial to make them safe. That’s where science comes in. Architects need to understand the ways different components work together. More importantly, they need to know which materials don’t work together at all. To create a spectacular building that’s also safe and long-lasting, you’ll need a nerdy mind that loves science.

Wrapping Up

Becoming an architect takes commitment. There is a lot more to the entire process than just drawing, but if it happens to be the right profession for you, you should know that architects say it’s the best in the world. They wouldn’t change it for anything.


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