Do You Need Regular Plumbing Inspection?

Some plumbing problems develop over time and you can easily miss them if you do not conduct regular inspections of your home plumbing system. For instance, issues such as the accumulation of debris in your pipes can lead to bigger problems if left unchecked for a long time.

Therefore, regular plumbing inspection and maintenance should be carried out to help you avoid costly repairs. While there is no strict timetable to follow with regard to plumbing inspection, it is important to do it at least once or twice a year. Here are some reasons why you need a regular plumbing inspection for your home.

Hidden Leaks Can Cause Structural Damage

Some leaks within the plumbing system of your home are hidden such that you cannot easily identify them with the naked eye. Professional plumbers can use sophisticated equipment to identify such problems that can affect the flow of water and waste in your plumbing system. Furthermore, hidden leaks can cause structural damage to your property that can affect its value. Water seepage can weaken the walls and ultimately the foundation of your house which can cause bigger issues that can be costly to repair. Additionally, if the plumbing system is severely damaged as a result of such issues, it can be expensive to replace.

Hire A Professional Plumbing Contractor

The good thing about hiring a professional plumbing contractor to inspect your plumbing system is that they have the experience and expertise to properly address different issues. Expert plumbers from STS Plumbing explain that various plumbing issues manifest over time and they need to be identified before it is late. To prevent such challenges, experts can make recommendations for repairs and they can also give you some tips that you can follow to avoid certain problems in the future.

Kitchen and Bathroom Inspections

Heavy grease builds up, especially in your kitchen drainage system, which can reduce the speed of running waste which can ultimately lead to blockages. Expert plumbers can also check the water supply line underneath the sinks in the bathroom and kitchen for signs of corrosion and leaks. Shutoff valves also require inspection since they can contribute to leaks as a result of worn seals. Lose faucets can also contribute to the low pressure of running water in your home.

Water Heating Problems

The water heating system in your home is not easily accessed in some cases and you may not be able to identify immediate problems. Leaks from the water heater can cause flooding in your home and they can also contribute to damage to your property. Leaking is usually caused by factors such as excessive pressure as well as aging systems and these can be prevented if they are identified earlier. This can be achieved by conducting routine plumbing inspections to identify signs of potential problems that need to be rectified. Water heaters can lose efficiency over time and they can contribute to increased utility costs at your home.

Inspection of The Sewer System

Drainage pipes for the sewer system are usually covered by the soil, so it may be difficult to identify problems. Experienced plumbers can check for signs of leaks such as pooling water, moisture presence, or damage to the foundation.


Roots underneath the sewer system can cause damage and such issues can only be detected through the use of sophisticated equipment like infrared cameras.

What to Do After Plumbing Inspection

By performing regular checks for leaks, you can be proactive and take necessary measures to address the potential issue before it degenerates into a bigger problem. Signs of moisture presence facilitate the growth of mold which leads to damage if not properly addressed. Additionally, dangerous gas leaks in your home can also pose major challenges at your home. Carbon monoxide detectors can go a long way in helping you to know if there are any signs of gas leaks in your home. In other words, prevention is a viable option that can help you avoid problems that can lead to health issues as well as damage to your property.

As you have observed, it is frustrating to wake up to a flooding home as a result of plumbing issues that manifest themselves over time. Some of these problems are preventable if you take corrective action such as conducting regular inspections of your plumbing system in your home. Some problems such as blockages are hidden, and you may not easily identify them if you are not experienced in this area. The main challenge is that smaller problems can develop, and they can cause bigger issues. Therefore, homeowners should prevent such things by hiring expert plumbers to conduct inspections of their properties to identify areas that need attention before they cause damage to property.