Do You Need Essex Guano Clearance Services

Birds are delightful to watch as they soar in the sky and dart between trees and buildings. They brighten our days with their stunning plumage and cheerful birdsong. Who doesn’t feel a tug on the heartstrings when they peek at hatchlings and chicks?

However, when birds cause an infestation they are not only a nuisance in terms of numbers, noise and nests. They pose significant health and safety risks to anyone in the vicinity. They may try to attack people, block drain pipes and commandeer the property’s roof and attic spaces with their nests or pepper humans with their waste.

A call for guano clearance in Essex may not be the most glamorous one you ever make but it could help you to save a life.

That sounds like an overstatement and thankfully, in many cases, that’s how it turns out but serious health risks arise from the birds waste which, when you have an infestation, multiplies at a staggering rate. Secondary concerns including mite and flea infestations deliver their own health and safety implications.

Can you tackle the problem without professional services?

Anti bird netting, meshes, post and wire systems or anti bird spike applications and sometimes hawking regimes are the means through which lasting and effective bird control is achieved with professional installations and management.

You probably wouldn’t think it was a good idea to work solo on these treatments so why take on the guano clearance yourself? Guano, the proper name for the bird waste, must be dealt with just as wisely.

Entrust the task to trained specialists with the qualifications and a full understanding of the risks and ramifications involved. They have the appropriate PPE and RPE. They damp down the matter and never risk sweeping or collecting it dry, clear the space and administer chemical treatments that comply with Health and Safety legislation so that you don’t have to face the problem.

They also dispose of the hazardous waste responsibly. If there are any dead birds these are treated as hazardous. The bird may have expired but there are no certainties about whether there is a form of bacteria alive and potentially dangerous on it so it must be treated as contaminated.

Specialist Essex based guano clearance service providers know that they should never eat, drink or smoke during the challenging task.

You may want to avoid the cost of a call out but it’s not worth working on a health hazard you are insufficiently prepared for. What price do you place on the health of those you have a responsibility to keep safe?

What are the diseases and risks caused by bird guano?

Bird droppings contain pathogens and microorganisms which present risks that no one would willingly wish to encounter. Here are the main diseases:

Histoplasmosis, also known as Cave Disease is a disease caused by the fungus that grows in the bird guano. When breathed in it infects the lungs.

When dried droppings are inhaled as dust or in water droplets by a person in or walking through an affected area it could result in one of these issues:

Cryptococcosis can present itself in humans as a flu or fever. It can prove fatal.

Ornithosis is another flu like illness, and as with cryptococcosis has been known to cause death.

Salmonella can be present in bird droppings. In the most severe cases Salmonella can kill humans.

Psittacosis is another vile result of guano not being effectively cleared. Although it is rare it has been known to be carried by pigeons and other wild birds and can lead to pneumonia in humans.

Campylobacteriosis causes diarrhoea, pain and fever. You may recognise Campylobacter because this bacteria was found in poultry for human consumption a few years ago and this news was covered by the media.

Are you still confident that you want to clear guano yourself? Having a rethink?

A non-health related but relevant problem would be how the visual appeal of the property is affected. A mess laden pathway or window sill is going to create a negative impression, obviously not what you need to impress and fit in with the neighbouring properties.

Damage caused by the birds’ activities on and around the building reduces its market value.Consider how much Essex’s guano clearance service providers cost compared to the loss of money that inaction or selecting less than the best practices could deliver and decide the wisest option is to pick up the phone or email a specialist for lasting peace of mind.