Do You Need a Tree Consultation after Strange Winter Weather?

Strange winter weather is characterized by sudden changes, and ultimately, it can exert damage upon a tree. The impact is typically massive in younger trees and trees with shallow roots. One of the common effects of strange winter weather is the stifled development of bloom and foliage. If you have trees on your property, you need to have them examined after strange winter weather. If you’re looking for premium tree care service, you can try Manhattan Tree Care. Our licensed tree care experts provide a range of services.

Effects of Strange Winter Weather

When your trees are subjected to strange winter weather for some time, these are the kind of issues that may arise.

1. Root Damage

If a tree is not completely dormant in the winter, it carries the risk of experiencing shock at certain parts. Extreme cold can hurt the entire tree, but for the most part, it damages the roots. Strange winter weather can cause the tree’s roots to stop growing. Extreme cold slows down the development of the root, but once the soil hits the freezing temperature, root development can stop, and eventually, the root can be damaged. One of the popular ways of minimizing the impact of extreme cold around the roots is by installing mulch.

2. Late Bloom

Strange winter weather can halt the normal development of a tree. More specifically, it can cause a tree to experience late blooming in spring. Extreme cold can lead to the death of buds, and then the tree has to develop new buds to replace the dead ones, which is time-consuming. If your trees appear to be experiencing late blooming in spring, it’s a cue for contacting a tree care service to determine the problem and the remedy.

3. Limb Damage

Ice and snow have a considerable weight. When vulnerable parts are exposed to constant impact, it can lead to limb breakage. And so, it’s critical to prune the tree properly and get rid of the dead limbs. This significantly minimizes the percentage of damage exerted upon the tree’s limbs. By avoiding limb damage, you also avoid tree wounds and thus promote the health of the mature tree. Otherwise, limb breakage would encourage the activity of bacteria and viruses, and this would speed up the death of a tree.

4. Winter Burn On Evergreen Trees

If you have evergreen trees on your property during winter, you may notice winter burns on these trees. Winter burns are characterized by brown or bleached foliage, but the whole tree might dry up in worst-case scenarios. During the winter season, finding water can be a struggle for plants if there are no rains. And considering that evergreen plants constantly require water, this period of strange winter weather can cause the tree to eat up its cells, thus leading to distorted foliage. A major tip for avoiding winter burn is supplying enough watering in the fall or planting evergreens in places they are covered from extreme weather conditions.

Importance of Hiring a Tree Care Service

Neglecting the trees on your property can downgrade your home’s curb appeal. During winter, trees are exposed to various injuries that can minimize their health and beauty or cause death. But hiring a tree care service is a critical step in mitigating the effects of strange winter weather. The following are some of the benefits of enlisting the assistance of a tree care service.

  • Safety: massive tree branches can pose a safety hazard when neglected. But enlisting the assistance of a tree care service ensures that the massive branches are carefully cut to eliminate the danger.
  • Health: before a tree can hit maturity and thrive, it absorbs various critical procedures. With the guidance of a tree care service, you can assess all the needs of a tree and optimize its health.
  • Aesthetics: there are various procedures performed on trees not just for health restoration but also for boosting their beauty and aesthetics. If you furnish your trees with professional maintenance, they develop an amazing beauty, thus raising your home’s curb appeal.
  • Conserve time: tree maintenance is resource-intensive. But by hiring a tree care service, you allow a professional to handle the major procedures, thus saving your time.
  • Thorough tree removal: If you want your tree to be removed, it would be nearly impossible to do it on your own. But a tree service would perform an excellent job.
  • Preventive Services: hiring a tree care service enables your tree to stay healthy and free from pest attacks and diseases.