Do Online Casinos Take Advantage of the Pandemic?

COVID-19 makes a lot of things more difficult. Yes, we already have some vaccines, but the tests are not final, and the strains multiply. With the waves of lockdown, people are choosing to stay at home even without a strict prescription.

So, yes, casinos are blooming now. The reasons are visible. But before we are starting to talk about the roots of modern industry, let’s state the basic fact. People are lazy. They love social activities, but when you have to go somewhere in the time of pandemic – no chances. There is mass hysteria also. Clients are nervous and hard to blame. The new virus appeared unknown. We don’t yet know how to tame the disease completely. But our habits are with us forever.

Psychologically, gambling is one of the best ways to relax and escape from the troubled world. Slots, cards, and roulette are enormous time killers. That’s why we have many popular slot portals, and you can find some new hits every day. For example, there are tons of free roulette games. And if you want to have a good time – there are thousands of colorful slots.

What are the material reasons to start playing during quarantine?

Of course, boring is sometimes deadly. But we are making bets for some pretty obvious reasons. First of all, even prospering casinos have had some decline at the beginning of the virus. And then the gambling houses have started to involve more clients. The initial problem was about the basic financial situation. A lot of occupations have wages cut.

So, the top online casinos escalate the bonuses as high as possible. For the gambling house, this policy wouldn’t be vulnerable. Every classic roulette game has a 1:38 win ratio. For slots, the combination is even rarer. The casino always wins, and today they can offer you something fresh new. The events are expanding every day, and you can get more benefits than a regular event.

All welcome bonuses and deposit promotions today are necessary. The rivalry between gambling franchises is the greatest of all time in electronic entertainment. But the player base is limited. And the major companies today are concerned about increasing their RTP (return to player) percentage. The mathematical chance to win is almost the same (the rules of the most popular games are still untouched), but the general payments are increasing too. Though, this growth is not linear, so the different economics are.

The hope to become rich is always blooming in our hearts. That’s why gambling houses make money baits so easy.

Pandemic psychology and bets

The gambling theory itself is a plowed field in psychological studies. Every developed country has had a lot of investigations of the behavior of the gamer. The statistics focus on online casinos only. Because of professional athlete activities, the sports bets are in great crisis now. The results of 2020 were pretty shocking. In Sweden, the first months of the pandemic show the undisputed peaks of attendance. But after the first months of the boom, the casinos showed a significant decrease over time. The gamblers are tending to spend less money as the pandemic continues.

Also, there was a huge problem. We can’t separate the high rollers from the casual players in this statistics. But 1% of the most extreme players showed similar dynamics here. The high rollers today prefer to make smaller but more effective bets. It is typical for the European lifestyle with significant and strict economic rules. However, the middle-ranged players are involved more actively today. Their daily spent money increased at the 10th and 25th percentiles in some categories. But these people have a small amount of money wagered. And for the 99th percentile, the average daily bet lost about a third of its nominal value. It means a lot. As you can see, every category of gamblers has financial problems and needs discipline.

The main issue in these studies is confidentiality. Casinos never give complex statistics about slots and roulette. You won’t be able to find anything about the most popular winning combinations, etc. And no law obliged the gambling house to do such things. Even the detailed essays are incomplete. Though, we have some decent tendencies. Yes, the number of wages decreased, and the funds of casinos shrunk. But we clearly can see an increased number of newly registered players. Some people discover this entertainment only now.

The data about the mental conditions of gamblers are not revealing at all during a pandemic. First of all, it is the basis of medicine’s ethics. But the more powerful reason is this time. We haven’t seen a “post-COVID” state of mind at all. The threat is still here, but we couldn’t make a proper strategy against the plague.


Online casinos have some advantages. They are safe and popular. Plus (surprise!) people are still lazy. Traditional gambling houses always are less convenient than their online versions. Also, a lot of countries have very strict rules for every gambling activity. Their citizens like casinos, like any others. And they today can easily have a proper gaming portal.

So, the wave of newcomers was predictable. The problem is the financial “parachute” of gamblers. Even the rich European countries notice that the average bet has dropped significantly. People like to play but are not ready to spend big money as they did before. The restoration of the gambling industry will be through the next few years, no doubt.

The newcomers already have had an impact on their so-called hype-train. A lot of clever casino managers give you plenty of events with great jackpots. Yes, the average bet today is lesser, but the masses make massive cash. That’s why gambling houses are profitable. And they have no rivals.