Displaying Indoor and Outdoor Metal Wall Art in The Home


When looking to purchase premium, handmade and customized metal wall arts, as in any type of wall art, it is important to consider wall art pieces that complement the space it will be displayed in.

Customized metal wall art can be made according to the characteristics and requirements of the space. Metal wall arts can also be developed to be a specific color to match existing décor, color schemes and the overall design. In most cases, customers are intimately involved in conceptualizing these metal wall arts.

How to Hang Metal Wall Art Indoors

When it comes to indoor planning, nothing is more intimidating than having blank walls and thinking of how everything will eventually come together. Owners of new bare spaces will often wonder how to group and display metal wall art pieces.

Hard and fast rules for displaying indoor metal wall arts do not exist. But same with a lot of areas of décor, it does not hurt to brainstorm ideas.

We shall discuss how to hang or display metal wall art from a decorative standpoint. Creative possibilities with metal wall arts are endless as it can surely impress without being “framed”.

1. One Bold Metal Wall Art Statement

Sometimes, all you need is just one piece of metal artwork on that blank wall. This is especially applicable when trying to create an uncluttered look with the space.

When going with one bold statement, the room’s color scheme can be reinforced by the metal wall art. Sometimes going for one piece of metal wall art is the perfect solution for bringing bright dose of color to the room like a glossy red metal wall art in a neutral room.

Make sure that the space is filled adequately when one metal art piece for a blank wall is preferred. Otherwise, that wall will make viewers wonder what else is missing rather than mesmerizing them.

2. Coordinating Metal Wall Art on Adjacent Walls

When trying to fill a blank wall on a room that lacks luster and needs more attention, owners may ask how to know which art pieces work together when hanged on adjacent walls. A helpful tip here is to customize metal wall art pieces that has a similar color scheme as the entire room. Selecting metal wall art that has a similar style helps. Metal wall arts do not need to be made by the same artist to fill the space but it has to surely complement each other.

There is also another helpful tip for hanging different pieces of metal wall arts in the same room is to consider if the metal wall art is with a bold color, then it is preferred that another wall art in neutral shade be chosen to put together with it. Take for instance black and red-colored metal wall arts that really stand out just being near a piece of beige, black, and white.

Having a black and white color scheme also is an excellent way to coordinate customized metal wall arts. Choose classy and bold black and white metal wall art pieces that make an impact without competing with each other for attention.

3. Metal Wall Art Groupings

The best way to fill wall spaces is to hang more than one piece of metal wall art on the same wall. When talking about groupings, hanging a mirror between two metal wall art pieces is a display strategy.

Black and white customized metal wall artworks is perfect in combination with colorful pieces. And more so, on the same wall.

4. Exceptional Metal Wall Arts

Remember that frames are not the only form of artwork and thus metal wall arts must be given attention to. Some metal wall art installations render high creativity. Metal wall art customized figures add element of 3-D-ness to interior design and is powerful in creating spacious statement.

If unsure where to start, some brands specializing in metal wall art can give a hand. Some of them sell wall art décor kits that add modern elegance with little help.

Grouping of colorful metal blocks is an excellent way to style spaces. It takes into account that power is in the numbers. Some forms of metal wall arts that may be sold in 3s is a reminder that beauty can be found in simplicity.

There are tons of metal wall art designs that can be customized depending on the home owners liking. Choose reliable metal wall art makers to bring out the best in your space.

Presenting Outdoor Metal Wall Art

People are definitely spending more time at home and many are focused on converting outdoor spaces to serve as a sanctuary and outlet for relaxation. And creating outdoor spaces that is definitely intentional and an eyecatcher is a must.

No matter the size of an outdoor space, make sure that the outdoor metal wall art chosen adopts connection with natural elements. After all the yardwork is done, there is the outdoor metal wall art for the finishing touches. The outdoor metal wall art like a high-impact freestanding sculpture as the focal point will surely complete the project. The metal sculptures add a sophisticated as well as modern element that screams “This space is definitely done!”

Some brands and artists have a outdoor metal wall art to fit any space may it be a house with a backyard or a high-rise apartment and anything in between.

Quality outdoor metal wall art is handmade from top quality, aircraft-grade aluminum. It can also be made from stainless steel. But aluminum is ideal as it can withstand prolonged display outdoors under the rain, sun and snow. What is important too is that they are durable and can be manipulated beautifully to bend, dip and curve according to the style.

For its long-term care, make sure to display outdoor metal wall arts in an area free of regular chemical contact from sprinklers or pool chlorine. Also, these handmade pieces are made to withstand natural elements and not extreme weather conditions like tornadoes, hurricane and excessive wind. During extreme conditions, it is advisable to take the metal wall art indoors.

Metal Wall Art Maintenance and Care

Cleaning both indoor and outdoor metal wall art is easy. Just follow these steps:

  1. Get a soft cloth made from cotton material.
  2. Wet the cloth with water and easily wipe dirt and debris from the metal wall art piece
  3. Do not use any chemicals or cleaners
  4. When desired, auto wax can be regularly applied to the sculpture to preserve color and finish. Standard car wax applied thinly is recommended.

Remember to consider the surrounding environment. Metal wall art is not tacky when its placement is taken into account strategically. It is crucial to also let blank walls be and complement the metal wall artworks with a range of décors.

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