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If you live in the Florida area, you have probably experienced some moisture buildup in your home, to say the least. At worst, floods can devastate our neighborhoods and homes. Because of where the state is located, when hurricane season comes along, there is unfortunately always some form of risk.

The beauty of Florida and the Tampa area more than makes up for this, of course. That is why so many people live here! However, given the weather patterns and high temperatures, it is important to know what to do when your home is damaged. Keep reading to learn about some restoration services available!

Mold Growth – How bad is it?

While some mold is edible, like in the delicious blue cheese above, when it infests our homes, it is never a good thing.  Just how bad is it, and what can we do about it?

Now, if it is growing outside in your yard or something like that, it is okay and most of the time perfectly safe (unless a highly unusual strain develops). They are organisms that are natural and help to break down dead things like leaves. When they start to grow inside, though, it can cause serious health risks.

Moisture is the primary cause of it developing indoors. If a strain starts to spread, it can release allergens into the air. In some cases, they even release something called mycotoxins. Inhaling or touching the spores can result in you getting sick. It can cause serious complications for people who have asthma.

Thankfully, it can be cleaned up. While a small patch is probably doable by the homeowner, when things get more serious, it may be time to call in a contractor or company. Some strains are even biohazards – so consulting with someone is probably a good idea. You should also try to fix the moisture problem since it will just grow back if you do not.

blue cheese


We all know that this sort of event can be devastating for public property. Flooding results in millions of dollars of damage each year. It can be dangerous as well, especially for drivers. However, it is important to consider the impacts it can have on our private property as well.

The first thing to remember is that this water is not sanitary. You do not know what is in it. It could even have waste or dangerous animals like snakes (or alligators). If you find yourself trapped inside, try to put on some protective gear.

Start to record the damage sustained as soon as you can. You can even start to do this before clearing out the water. If it is still raining or storming, look around and make a note of things that are being ruined. This is important for something like insurance claims.

You may want to take photographs of it, as well. Do this throughout the cleanup process as well. Unfortunately, the internal structures of many houses are damaged during this sort of event. You might not see everything at first. If you have a restoration company like Lightning Water Damage assisting with cleanup, take note of everything the repair!


With insurance and affordable restoration services, hopefully, you will not have to experience these issues for a long time. However, try to remember some of the principles of coping with the aftermath of water filling your home. You will want to remove the water as soon as you can and open any windows to increase the flow of air.

Ventilating the space can help your items dry out faster, and hopefully prevent too much buildup of mold. It might be inevitable if part of the architecture of your house is damaged and the atmosphere outside is muggy and humid. You can still do your best to prevent it, though.

Fire Damage

Let us switch gears now. Something else that can damage our property is fire. There are a few reasons a blaze could start – be it from a cigarette, leaving an oven or stove on, or even a grease fire in the kitchen – it can absolutely devastate a home.

Again, in the aftermath, the first thing to do is probably to call your insurance company. Document everything that suffered damage. Soot buildup on walls or objects can be a health hazard, so taking care of that should be a priority. This is another case where you might want to invest in repair services.

There are resources out there if you are struggling with this type of traumatic event, like this one:  It can give you an idea of how to approach the burnt structure after. For instance, you should never enter any areas that are taped off by emergency services.

Flames can result in structural damage, though in a different way than a flood of course. In the worst case, they could burn away everything. You should check for these problems. If you smell gas, it is probably best to just call the local fire department.

Fire Damage

While it might not seem like this sort of event happens in warm and wet Florida, it unfortunately does. You should do your best to prepare yourself for all sorts of emergencies, including this. Having an action plan to fall back upon can really help in coping afterward.

Getting Help

Thankfully, we do not have to deal with these things on our own. If you cannot stay in your own house, consider staying with friends or family members temporarily until repairs are made. Having a support system to lean on can make these tragic events a lot easier to process and deal with.

Restoration companies exist to help afterward, as well. They can fix your property and get you back inside quickly and efficiently. It is a good idea to seek one out, especially in the event of a flood or a fire. If you do not take care of issues quickly, they could quickly spiral out of control.  Unfortunately, mold growth often occurs after a flood.

To avoid that or worse problems, do not hesitate to get support.