Different Video Editing Tips and Tricks for Beginners


With the filming, you got stunning footage, and you are halfway there. Now is the time to move to the post-processing stage —video editing. That needs technical knowledge and creativity, just like the film. A well-edited video conveys the message more effectively to the world.

Good editors understand the need of the viewers to use their skills to craft stunning videos. Although the chosen approach differs according to the types of footage and the message to portray, some styles are generic. This article contains tips, lifehacks, and techniques to help beginners start their editing journey.

Pick a Software that Works

There is a wide variety of video editing online tools in the market, but it is essential to find the correct one for you. Most video editing software has the necessary functions to perform standard edits. If financial constraints make you hesitate to do so, get an online video editor free. Try a few to know which one is better for your editing style. Settle for the one that you find comfortable to work.

Check the features, usability, and digital interface before picking the one that suits your editing methodology.

The general idea is that the latest and the most advanced technology is the best one. But, that need not always be true. It is better to concentrate on your comfort rather than struggle to use the complex features of the latest version.

Use a Fast Device

And again there are many brands of PCs and laptops available in the market. Choose the one that suits your purpose. Ideally, you need to find a device to store large data files as you continue to edit without lagging or hanging.

It is better to buy a faster storage drive (SSD). They provide quick file access and cut short the loading and export time.

It is helpful to increase the computer’s temporary memory by increasing the RAM to a minimum of 8GB. That will ensure the smooth working of your device. Get yourself a processor and video card compatible with your editing software.

Use a PC as a video workstation by upgrading it. The Android and iOS editing software works well but is limited; it will not give you the quality you desire. Also, it is hard to edit videos on your small gadgets like smartphones or tablets. Video editing is a piece of cake on a laptop or desktop.

Learn Video Editing from Tutorials

There are a plethora of tutorials on various social media platforms. Beginners can also find several blogs to guide you in your editing journey, from a beginner to a professional.

Access to most of them is free as they are easy to procure. Why waste time trying to get out of a sticky situation.

Look up the videos or blogs to figure out simple ways to use the editing software. The videos are excellent in helping achieve the quality and scope you desire. Search for video or blog tutorials that guide you to use your chosen software efficiently. Ensure that the tutorial is for the correct version also. Some of these tools differ slightly from the other versions in settings and performance.

Use the Same Project Files

Beginners must practice with the same project files as the instructor in the tutorial videos. Some tutorials permit the download of their project files. Search these to follow the tutorial and practice to perfect the art of editing.

Also, by using the same files as the instructor, you can follow the video step by step. Watch it multiple times, repeating the same steps until you master the technique. The practical experience will help remember each feature and its usage. That will help you learn, and your video will look just like the one in the demo video. Only then work on your files.

 Watch Video for Ideas

The style to pick or the angles to shoot may confuse beginners. Watch captivating videos that are easy to get on the internet. Take time to watch them as you note the requirements to make incorrect decisions. Let them inspire you. It is never right to copy someone else’s work. But they are excellent for inspiration. Write the necessary points as you watch. Take time to think about them as ideas flow. Incorporate similar changes in your video.

Don’t Rush to Finish Editing!

Online video editors coupled with a compatible machine and video card enable fast edits. Humans cannot always cope with speed. Stop, wait and see if the video caters to the audience’s needs.

Also, if you continuously work on similar videos or projects, the editing can be monotonous, and the editor may lose interest. Take breaks and check if your video meets the viewer’s perspective. Come back to your workstation with a clear mind and rested eyes to work better and make successful videos.

Make Short Videos

To hold the audience, you have to make shorter videos lasting from a few seconds to a couple of minutes.

Some of the social media platforms gained in popularity in recent times. That indicated the people’s preference for short videos. They have no patience to watch lengthy videos even if it caters to their needs. It is unfair that the work put together for hours must go through cuts. Also, it is not possible to make lengthy films into short videos. The must-do over here is to cut everything that does not add value to the video content. That may even perfect its flow.

Keep the Focus on the Story

A story is essential in a movie. Every part of the editing process should make the story more compelling. At every stage, check if your decision to retain or cut will lessen the impact of the video.

Many editors add effects to make the video more impressive. But unfortunately, it distracts the attention of the viewer. It causes the viewer to lose focus from the story, and the video will fail to hit the mark.

Use footage, images, and music to draw viewers’ attention to the video content.

That is when it will hit the mark and not fall flat.

Make Sure to Back up the Hard Work

After spending hours and energy creating beautiful videos, you don’t want to lose it. That is why backing it up becomes necessary. Several online video editors offer an automated backup facility. This option comes in handy to check or return to previous versions. Ensure that it does not back up to the same drive. In case the one you are working on crashes, you can retrieve the edits from the other drive where it backs up.


Accept the challenge of video making. These tips, life hacks, and tricks will make what seems hard to do as a beginner easier as your progress in your editing journey.

Follow the tips to build videos that will make your efforts worthwhile.

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