Different Types Of Hedge Trimmers


While working in your yard, trimming the hedges and the trees is a lot of hard work. Doing it with shears requires significant time, and you will also get tired quickly. We help you here by suggesting to make a straightforward purchase. It can significantly reduce the time and energy you will spend and the way your yard will look so neat and tidy.

Hedge trimmers are practical and comfortable to create a good-looking landscape. Here in this article, we will introduce you to different types and help you understand which one is better for you.

Hedge Trimmer Types

These come in different categories depending on the blade types and power source. Based on types of blades we have – single action and double action blade.

Single action blade

It will have a fixed cutting bar along with a blade that moves back and forth. It creates more vibrations as it is lightweight. A little inefficient and that’s what makes it a little less popular.

Double action blades

In this type of hedge trimmers, there will be two blades moving back and forth in the opposite directions. Here the movement of the blades is as such that it cancels most of the vibrations while using it. Two blades bring extra efficiency for cutting although the extra blade also adds to the weight.

Hedge Trimmer types based on power source

Gas-powered hedge trimmer

It has an internal combustion engine that powers your hedge trimmer. This engine can be two-stroke or four-stroke according to your needs. These hedge trimmers create a lot of power, making it suitable for trimming hard and rough bushes. With it, you can trim thick hedges more efficiently and faster.

However, these are more suitable to experienced gardeners as it is heavy and may be hard to manoeuvre. These are a little expensive and preferred when the lawn is a more extensive one.

Electric based hedge trimmer

An electric hedge trimmer will use an electrical cord, and you can extend it to move around the lawn. It is an economical choice and is lightweight too. You can carry it around quickly, and navigation is convenient when moving in different directions more often. If you are starting to use the trimmers for your lawn, these are a better way, to begin with, electric-powered trimmers as these are lightweight and easy to use.

While using these trimmers just make sure that the cord does not get in the way of trimming. If you have hard hedges or bushes, this trimmer may not work efficiently.

Battery-powered hedge trimmers

A sub-type of electric hedge trimmers, consider these trimmers similar to cordless mower, i.e. instead of a direct power supply, these use a rechargeable battery. Adding to the convenience, these are lightweight and easy to control and maintain. Since there is no cord, you can extend your reach in the garden and even cover a massive lawn.

However, these batteries powered hedge trimmers are not meant for heavy usage as the batteries do not create enough power. The charge can last anywhere between 1-2 hours, and the battery needs a replacement from time to time.


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