Different Carpet Cleaning Methods for Pet Owners –DIY


To be honest, pets are a wonderful part of our lives; they add a lot to the joy when we’re happy, cheer us up when we’re down, and spread a jolly environment around.

Have you ever wondered how amazing it feels when you cuddle, play, and enjoy doing activities with your pet on the soft furry carpet? Probably, yes –if you’re a pet owner.

Despite enjoying the fibers of carpet fur to scratching it, pets start feeling at-home and create mess-ups by leaving some hairs, urine, or stool behind.

And ultimately, what’s the result? Your soft furry room carpet turns out into a smelly or dirty spot. You might have tried to deal with it by using some chemicals or cleaning it the wrong way. What’s the catch?

Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. We’re here with our practical tips that won’t let you stress any more.

Despite moving into the business, you must know that you can make the carpet cleaning method easier and get the job done using Bissel pets carpet cleaner.

Some Amazing Tips for Cleaning Wet Stains

Your pets not only create some solid mess by throwing the things here and there, but they actually do their thing. If you’ve previously owned any pet, you’d be aware that once they start doing ‘their poo-poo’ right into your carpet, they’ll continue doing till the end.

What about the stains and that pungent odor? Wait, wait! Let’s explore some amazing methods to deal with them.

Cleaning the Vomit and Urine Stains

Use the natural ingredients!

Get yourself a dry and clean towel, white distilled vinegar, empty spray bottle, paper towels, baking soda, and vacuum to perform the job. You have to follow the following steps and get the stains and odor of urine or vomit fade away!

  1. Pick up the urine or vomit using a dry towel. Make sure you do it thoroughly, so there’s no corpus left behind.
  2. Now add the white distilled vinegar to the spray bottle and spray it all over the wet stain. You have to apply at least a layer of vinegar on the carpet.
  3. Now leave it for some time and let it neutralize and penetrate the pungent odor in the carpet.
  4. With the help of a paper towel or a clean cloth, blot the vinegar properly.
  5. It’s time to sprinkle baking soda powder on the damped stain.
  6. Leave this whole thing overnight and let it remain untouched.
  7. Next morning, now you’ve to clean it with a vacuum cleaner.

How about if you use a handheld extractor?

If you don’t like messing the whole carpet with natural ingredients, don’t worry; the handheld liquid extractors are made for you. This extractor sucks all kinds of liquid from a carpet.

This method is quite straightforward, quick, and even there’s no need to use paper towels. No matter it’s your pet’s urine or vomit, this extractor goes well with anything.

All you have to do is extract the stain using the handheld extractor and finish the whole process by applying urine bio-enzymatic cleaner. What’s it, by the way?

If you’re not aware of it, then let us guide you further. The urine cleaner is a mixture of chemicals that help neutralize uric acid and urea –the part of an animal’s urine.

It also removes proteins and starches from the urine stain and prevents the stain from staying. When you apply these cleaners before using any particular carpet cleaner, stains are removed properly.

Plus, you have to make sure you extract and clean the area all around the stain. The liquid mess tries to spread inside the carpet. Beware of it!

Cleaning the Stools –The Solid Mess!

Whenever you try to scoop-up the stool mess, clean it by rubbing it through a paper towel or rag it on, the mess goes even worse. It will spread and get absorbed in the deeper layer of carpets –leaving the area scruffy.

What’s the catch? We’d recommend using a dustpan or a putty knife to get this unwelcoming job done. You’ve to bring the edge of your putty knife to meet the edge of the stool.

Now push the knife to go beneath the mass and scrape it directly into the dustpan.

What’s next? Of course, you need something to saturate the putrid odor. You can saturate these solid-stool stains by applying oxygenated bio-enzymatic cleaner.

Spray the cleaner and let it rest for at least 45 minutes, so the stain starts getting separated from the carpet. Let this whole thing dry and finally vacuum it.

Tips for Cleaning Pet Hair from the Carpet

When your pet cuddles or plays with you, it leaves its hair or fur everywhere in between the carpet fibers. Even if you’re not allergic to the pet hairs, they may get frustrated at times –leaving the signs of those cuddling moments behind.

Pet hairs are almost everywhere, where your pet goes, on the bed, floor, but removing them from a carpet is a real-time challenge.

Using a window squeegee is the best way to get rid of all the deeply-rooted hair inside the carpet fibers. All that you’ve to do is to scrape the carpet from the part where you see most hairs.

The hair will start getting loose and come on the surface. Now you have to vacuum the carpet –congrats! You’re done.

What about the Pet’s Dirty Paws?

You’ve already learned about cleaning the wet and stool stains out of the carpet. But what about the muddy paw stains when your pet comes back from a walk?

These stains are not any problem if they’re on a floor, but when your pet lands on your favorite carpet –it’s a headache to deal with.

Here the pet wipes come right into play that is the best rescue to these cute messes. Cute? Yes, the pet’s paws are quite cute!

All you have to do is immediately wipe off your pet’s adorable paws using these pet wipes when they enter the home. Make it a habit, trust me, things will get easier.

The Bottom Line

Pets are blessings! Don’t betray them when they mess up with your precious carpets. No matter how much you make them learn the manners, they are animals –they will do that thing again and again.

The only thing you can do in this regard is clean the carpet properly once they do their thing, spread the hair, or make any other mess.

We hope that this detailed guide will add a lot to your knowledge. The next time your pet makes any mess, you’ll get the things on the right way easily.


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