Difference between custom carpets and rugs


Hunting for custom carpets that fit your taste and the home decor can be a never-ending process. There was a time when there were just one or maybe two home decor shops in the house and you could only choose from a few. The traveling around was hard but making a choice was pretty easy. Now, with so many physical stores and online marts, there is so much to look at, and to finally decide which custom carpets to get is a whole other ball game.

While there isn’t a lot that can be done on the decision part because ultimately it will be yours, there are some things that you should know before beginning your next carpet hunt. And the first thing of all is to find trusted carpet stores nj. Then, know the difference between a carpet and a rug. Yes, they are different. Got puzzled? Well, it is always better to know what you want, especially when it comes to rugs and carpet. When you know the difference, you become more clear on what to add to your cart and what not to. So, let’s begin.

The basic difference

When you look at custom carpets and a rug side by side, distinguishing it is not everyone’s cup of tea. But, there is a basic difference that you must know about both. You see, a rug is something that is generally woven or hand made in a specific dimension or shape. It is a part of home decor, and people who visit your place might dwell upon, and spend some time just looking at its magnificent design. A carpet on the other hand is, very often, something that goes from wall to wall. That is, it can cover your entire floor and would not be used as a piece of decor for your home, just something that you should enjoy sitting on or walking in the house. The carpet can also be attached to the floor so you cannot move it. However, a lot of times their method of making or how they look can be similar, which gets everyone confused. These are some of the most basic differences that lead to more detailed conversions between their brotherly disparity.

The history behind Carpets and Rugs

Carpets were never made for floors. Yes, in ancient times, carpets were most often referred to as a cloth that’s put on the table (which we now call tablecloths) or a thin sheet of cloth for the bed (bedsheet). However, as time passed and after more than a century later, in the 1400s, carpets changed their position from being on the bed or the table to the floor. Around this time carpets were officially started to call as a floor cover. On the other hand, rug (derived from the German word Rogg (a jagged tuft)) had always meant floor cover or mat. The term became popular in the 19th century. When both the terms clashed, people used carpets more often when they meant something that would be floor to floor and rug which would be smaller and moveable. A rug in modern times is a piece of floor mat that can’t exceed the length of 6ft. But a carpet can be as long as you want.

The similarities

No matter how distinct they are, there are some uncanny similarities that one cannot deny. To start with, they both can be custom made. You can find a custom rug and custom carpets according to your floor demands. They are manufactured similarly and they can also be designed identically. Both rugs and carpet can be handmade, modeled with a pattern, and even colored in your favorite choice of color. In other words, the line between rugs and carpets is very thin. It also depends on the country you are referring to. In India, carpets, and rugs, for someone who has no clue at all, will mean the same. Whereas, in the west, people are born with carpets and rugs in their house, running wall to wall.

At the end of the day, if you want something that runs your entire house, you need a carpet seller. Whereas, if you are looking for a piece of decor that is short and covers a particular area of your house, you need a floor rug. The basic difference will always be the same, at least till the time we know. Who knows, carpets can go back to being called bed sheets and tablecloths in another century from now. For now, know the basic difference and shop accordingly.


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