Decorate Your Garden in Online Game


What joy and pleasure you can get from sharing something beautiful with your friends. For example, take them to an amazing garden filled with magical plants, cozy gazebos and calmly flowing streams. Even if this garden is virtual, the pleasure that you and your friends will get while contemplating these beauties is worth taking care of it and decorating. Free Solitaire games online no download provide a unique opportunity to create your Garden in the virtual world thanks to bonuses and winnings received during the game.

Opportunities that Solitaire Social Gives Its Players

By participating in tournaments, the players receive bonuses in the form of coins. They accumulate in the piggy bank on their screens and open up new breathtaking opportunities for them. Thanks to coins, the player can improve one of three locations, which appear after a certain number of tournament wins:

  • The Garden is the first location that spawns after winning the fifth tournament
  • The Bayside appears when 10,000 flowers bloom in a cultivated garden
  • The Farm is given as a reward to those players whose Bayside Beauty rating reaches 10,000.

What Can You Do in the Magic Garden?

After the players have received the Garden as a gift, they begin to improve and decorate it thanks to their rich imagination and a wide selection of possible decorations in the Solitaire Social game. They can do the following:

  • improve buildings located in the Garden
  • buy decorations in the garden shop of his gardener neighbor Lily
  • add their trophies obtained during tournaments

To further expand the boundaries of your imagination and strive for perfection, you can visit the Gardens of other players. Inspired by the beauty and grace of the fruits of their labor, you are sure to put even more effort into making your Garden look stunning. And this is only the beginning because even more beautiful Bayside and a Farm await you ahead.

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