Decluttering Tips You Need to Know

Household clutter is something every one of us lives with, and it’s often not that bad. Still, for some people, a disorganized space affects their mental health and may increase anxiety. For people suffering from mental disorders such as OCD, a messy house can be a trigger, and decluttering and organizing it will do you good.

Decluttering your home is also essential for the place to look neat and habitable. It can help you save a lot of time in looking for things and will also increase your storage space, making the house more spacious. It’s also essential if you’re planning to list your home. However, decluttering is no easy task. Below, we have made a list of four decluttering tips for an organized living space:

1. Create a Checklist

Before you start organizing your home, creating a checklist is better. List all the things that you wish to arrange, such as the kitchen cabinet or bookshelf. Be clear on what areas require decluttering on the declutter day and which don’t. This way, you’ll be able to focus on only those areas and get your work done on time.

After you’ve made a checklist, identify the most complex task and decide whether you want to do it first or last. Starting with simple tasks can help you build momentum, but don’t delay handling the problematic areas right until the end, or you’ll be too tired to deal with them. A checklist will also help you feel like you’ve achieved something as you tick off tasks. Break your work into manageable tasks by making a task list and get going.

2. Assign a Time Limit

Assign each task with a time limit to manage your time. Give the smaller jobs an hour or 30 minutes and more extensive schemes a day or two; it’s better to handle these on the weekends so that they don’t interfere with your work. To ward off distractions, try setting a timer. This way, you’ll stay off your phone and be able to focus on the task at hand.

3. Donate or Sell Things That You Don’t Need

Try donating old clothes to charities, and for any household item you don’t need, you can sell it for a reasonable price. This will help you clear out space for other items in the house. Your wardrobe may take up a significant portion of your room and life, so it is better to clear and organize it. There will be many clothes which you don’t wear, and they can suit someone else’s needs better.

4. Hire Help

Even if you don’t have the time or energy and feel very stressed about the whole decluttering ordeal, there’s no need to worry. Many online companies provide decluttering and house organizing services for a reasonable price. Companies like apartmentjeanie also offer space planning and ideas on how to use your household space wisely.


Decluttering your whole house is not easy, so don’t beat yourself up over it if you’ve been having a hard time. First, locate the areas in your house which require attention and attach post-its to them so that you don’t forget. Next, deduce which object from that part is useful and which can be donated. Making a checklist will help you stay on track, and if the stress and anxiety of doing it yourself are too much, you can always hire help.