Dark blue kitchen cabinet ideas. What goes well with blue kitchen cabinets?


Darker kitchens are becoming more popular today in contemporary and modern homes. It adds elegance to the kitchen space and makes it more interesting compared to an all-white kitchen. To achieve this aesthetic, designers would often suggest that homeowners go for navy blue cabinets in the kitchen. Another alternative of blue kitchen cabinets.

Cabinets painted with a darker color seem to stand out against a white or neutral backdrop. This is why designers highly recommend dark blue cabinets in the kitchen if the goal is to create contrast and add character and a bit of edginess to a rather dull kitchen aesthetic.

Cabinets that are usually painted in darker colors are shaker cabinets. Shaker cabinets are the ones with a 4-cornered frame with an inset panel. Dark blue shaker cabinets are best for kitchen spaces transitioning from traditional to contemporary but maintaining the charm of traditional elements.

This blog will cover everything about dark blue kitchen cabinets. Read on to learn more about dark blue kitchen cabinet ideas and what colors and materials go well with blue kitchens.

Kitchen design with blue kitchen cabinets

Kitchen design with blue kitchen cabinets

Painting your kitchen cabinets in a darker hue is easy. But pairing it with other colors is a challenging task. Suppose you are planning to paint your kitchen cabinets blue. In that case, you also have to consider the colors, materials, patterns, and other design elements that will go well with navy blue kitchen cabinets. Here is a quick guide that will help you decide.

Wall colors

Choosing the wall color for your kitchen is important because it can affect the ambiance and the lighting of your kitchen’s interior. What color walls go with blue kitchen cabinets? Ideally, white walls and dark blue kitchen cabinets are considered a good pair. Other options are dark blue kitchen cabinets with grey walls if you stick to general cold color shame and blue kitchen cabinets with yellow walls if you want to add a bright splash. The trick here is to choose two opposite and contrasting colors to create character and distinction.

Backsplash color

The backsplash for blue kitchen cabinets is obviously white. Blue kitchen cabinets with white backsplash made of tiles, subway tiles, marble, and other backsplash material with a white finish are the best fit. You can also go for blue kitchen cabinets with brick backsplash for a rustic appeal. Dark tile with blue kitchen cabinets can work when your aim is to create elegance and sophistication. Just make sure to create contrast in your use of decorations, fixtures, and accessories so that your kitchen won’t look too dark.

Countertop color

The best countertop color for dark blue kitchen cabinets is white. Dark blue kitchen cabinets with white countertops are common in most modern and contemporary homes. This is because there is no other color that would create a stark contrast against a darker hue than white. Dark blue kitchen cabinets with butcher block countertops are another alternative that designers are suggesting. Dark blue kitchen cabinets with black countertops, on the contrary, are rare in modern homes but are more likely seen in traditional interiors.

Hardware for blue kitchen cabinets

When it comes to the hardware, the color that will stand out best against a darker backdrop is white, gold, or silver. Go for dark blue kitchen cabinets with gold handles, as they are more likely to appeal more elegant. Blue kitchen cabinets with brass hardware are also a good option, as well as blue kitchen cabinets with copper hardware. If you want a more modest yet significant kitchen aesthetic, designers suggest going for navy blue kitchen cabinets with silver hardware.

Painting kitchen cabinets dark blue

Painting kitchen cabinets dark blue

When painting your kitchen cabinets with dark blue, prep the cabinet and make sure you have all the equipment needed. The best dark blue for kitchen cabinets is navy blue. Go to the nearest paint shop and check for paint swatches to compare the different hues of blue. Remove the cabinet doors and wipe them with a cloth to clean them.

Sand the doors if necessary, then apply a primer. Allow the primer to dry overnight before painting the cabinet with the navy-blue paint color. If you are planning to create two-tone kitchen cabinets in blue, the best color to pair them with is white or grey. Dark blue bottom kitchen cabinets and white kitchen cabinets with dark blue island is other good pair of the two-tone dark blue cabinet.


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