Cute Boys Haircuts Everyone Is Talking About


Giving your small boy boys haircuts that match his energy is cool and can make him more confident. Such hairstyles range from short to long spiky strands, textures and fades. If you have not thought about the hairstyle to give your little boy after his hair grows, here is a list of cute hairstyles.

If you are interested in a style, carry a picture of it to the barber to help them understand what you want for your boy. To keep the haircut more stylish, use gel or wax. Most schools prefer short hairstyles for the boys, a reason we have compiled a list of cute boys haircuts for school-going boys.

Long, Side-Swept Hairstyle

As a parent, try this long layered hairstyle and part the hair to the side. To prevent the hair from facing the face, you can apply some waxing or gel to hold it in place. If your boy gets a long haircut, it might be hard for him to maintain it, given that he has to style it daily. The long haircut with a side-swept is easy to achieve and fashionable.

Cute Curly High Top

This fits well a kid with curly hair. Although the hair grows fast and this style might not be maintained for a long time, it is worth trying. You can give it to your small gentleman on special occasions. The curls make the look extraordinary.

Cute Curly High Top

Stylish Surgical Lines

A kid’s hair is easy to style because many haircuts fit them. Trying different kinds will make your kid grow up knowing how to choose the next stylish haircut for himself and make him unique among his peers. You can decide to or not include the surgical lines.

Classic French Accompanied by a Twist

If you want to achieve a classic crop haircut on your child’s head, you will never go wrong with choosing the classic French. According to MensHaircuts, to make it more classy and visible, you can add a twist to this hairstyle. It also has a cropped fringe to make your son different from his peers.

Classic Comb Over

With this boys haircuts look, the barber gives you a comb over and reduces the sides and back to a quarter an inch. To get a more visible style, you can blow-dry the hair and use some products to style it. It fits nicely for people with medium and light-textured hair.

Slicked Back Side Part

One of badass boys haircuts for this year. If you have a round face, this haircut would fit you well. It favors these face shapes because it creates an elongation of the face. However, before you go for this boys haircut, make sure your school does not have strict hairstyling codes. Otherwise, your boy will be in a problem with the administration..


Your stylist will take down some hair on the sides, but they won’t reduce it until your skin is visible. To make the style pop, you can use some products for styling. It fits any face shape and can also be worn by girls.


Frohawk With a Burst Fade

This fits well for people with curly hair. The edges are reduced so that the skin is slightly visible, and some inches are left for the top.

High Fade with Lines

The shape of your head determines the fade lines. You can choose a high and tight fade or one with increasing hair size as you move towards the top. You can also select a side fade line to make your style more fun. Use a product to hold the style together.

High Skin Fade Twist

Your stylist will give you a high skin fade to achieve these boys haircuts and add a sharp line to it. It is an effortless look to achieve and style, and it is also effortless to maintain. This hairstyle will save your boy a lot of maintenance time.

Toddler Textured

You get this haircut by having a clean cut around the edges and leaving your top long and textured. To keep the style pop and noticeable, you can wear it messy or comb on the sides and make a side part.

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