Custom Coffee Bags Are Crucial For Brand Recognition


Coffee bags are essential, but custom coffee bags are so critical for brand recognition. So, if you have any café business or coffee business, then you must use custom coffee bags. Here, I will tell you about why are custom coffee bags crucial for brand recognition, about coffee bags, and the reason for using jute coffee bags

Why are custom coffee bags crucial for brand recognition?

If you have the coffee business and you want to spear it into the world or your country, then you have to make your own branded coffee bags. If you don’t make custom coffee bags, then you can’t grow your coffee business. A custom coffee bag will give you the identity of your Company. You can make a simple coffee bag into a branded coffee bag easily. Print out your logo or name on your coffee bags.

Custom Coffee bags will help your customers to choose quickly. Your customer will understand easily that this is your companies branded coffee, and that is a magnificent and profitable plus point for your Company. So, Branded coffee bags are crucial for brand recognition, I suggest you to use customize coffee bags for your coffee business. If you do that, you will get audience support, and it is suitable for your brand recognition.

Coffee bag

Coffee bags must preserve coffee from the adverse effects of external agents, and above all, perform three essential functions: competence, protection, and sale of the product. It is, therefore, essential to understanding the nature of the product, the desired shelf life, the storage conditions, and the types of deterioration to which coffee bags may be subjected during transport and storage. Swiss Pac, as an industry expert, has developed the skills and instructions to deliver quality; flexible packaging that can complete and retain essential coffee characteristics for much longer.

Swiss Pac offers custom options and printing using the rotogravure technique for coffee bags, which can be produced in sizes (ranging from 28g to 4kg) and up to 9 different colors.

The materials used in the production of coffee bags are:


  • EPP
  • PE


  • BOPP

The coffee bags are produced in metallic layers, which guarantee the protection of the product inside the package against bacteria and moisture and with degassing valves. This ensures the coffee aroma longer because the degassing valves relieve the internal pressure by the CO2 is eliminated from the inside of the package and prevents the entry of oxygen.

Coffee bags can be made of brown paper, plastic bags, and coffee bags with individual transparent sides. It may contain windows for better viewing of the product within the packaging by the consumer. Zippers, hanging options, handles, and euros lot can all be added to the coffee bags.

Reasons why jute coffee bag is essential for coffee beans

Regulates humidity

It was made from a natural fiber. The jute bag acts as a coffee moisture regulator, as it can both absorb some of the grain’s moisture when the environment is excessively humid. It can have its natural moisture absorbed by it when the environment is dry, preventing product dryness and loss of product value.

Ideal for organic products

The jute bag production process is ultimately hydrocarbon free, which makes it suitable for packaging organic and specialty coffees as there is no risk of interfering with the aroma of the product.

Preserves the aroma and taste of coffee

Increased bean protection allows even long-term coffee to maintain its aroma and flavor, ensuring a high-quality beverage in the consumer’s cup and more profitability for the producer.

Stacking and storage

The jute bag can be safely stacked and allows the best use of storage areas.

Suitable for international standards

As the most traditional packaging, jute bags have been proven to comply with all requirements set by the International Coffee Organization and European Standard 767, following IJO Standard 98/01 for Food Grade Bags.


The national production of jute is all made in the Amazon. About 15,000 riverine families have in the culture an income alternative to forest-harming activities such as illegal hunting and fishing. These factors cause importers in developed countries to pressure exporters to ship coffee in jute bags.

Biodegradable and ecological

Thanks to its natural plant composition and the manufacturing process that uses only vegetable oils. The jute bag is 100% biodegradable. When discarded, it decomposes quickly without leaving residues or damage to the environment. This means a lower cost of abandoning the packaging received for overseas buyers.

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