Creative Décor Ideas for a Healthy Environment at Home

The word ‘home’ makes you think of a safe haven, a safe space for restful living. At the other end of the spectrum is the toxicity that oozes out of some homes- you can literally sense mayhem when you’re there.

But is your home environment healthy?

A healthy home environment offers you an amazing level of freedom; which can be achievable when your interior design connects well with the psychological needs of the home’s occupants.

Ready to find out how to blend your home’s interior design and décor ideas creatively, so as to boost a healthy home environment? Let’s do just that:

1. How High is Too High? The Ceiling Effect

Claustrophobic individuals will relate very well with this. There’s such a thing as too much height or too little height when it comes to how you choose to leave your home’s ceiling. If your ceiling is too small, then you are likely to feel confined or choked in the room, unable to rest or do anything productive. It seems like the room is breathing down on you! The best way to decorate this kind of room is in a minimalistic manner, ensuring that only very necessary objects adorn the room, so as to feel a bit less choky.

However, if the ceiling is too high, it might make you feel ‘lonely’, especially if you live in the house alone. Go for designs that fill up the room a little bit more. However, don’t go overboard- as research shows that higher ceilings tend to improve creativity and focus, as well as act as a mood booster.

2. Design Each Room to Suit Its Function

When bouncing off decor ideas for your home, your aim shouldn’t be to please anyone, or convince anyone about how badass your ideas are! instead, decorate functionally. For each room, choose the best style and items that suit the room’s function. You shouldn’t design the living room like you design the kitchen or bedroom. Each room should provoke its own unique set of emotions from anyone coming into it. for example, its best to leave the television or gigantic bookshelves out of the bedroom; allow this space to evoke calmness and peace.

3. Going Green Is a Sound Décor Idea

While your home is a haven of mental rest and tranquility, it should also be a hub for physical health. An eco-friendly home design helps you further achieve this, as it helps remove health threats from your home environment. For example, paints that contain volatile organic compounds can be hurtful to the eyes and lungs because they emit harmful gases. An eco-friendly option already eliminates the use of this, thereby protecting you from such harm potential. There are also lots of eco-friendly kitchen appliances, outdoor dining sets, and the likes, to make choices from.

4. Designing a Healthy Personal Space

Your personal space has to be a reflection of you- your ideas, desires, feelings, etc. therefore, it is best to:

  • Use mood-enhancing colors such as lavender, yellow, blue, pink, etc.
  • Use natural materials such as wood
  • Allow for natural light to come in
  • Choose comfortable furniture And lastly,
  • Let your personality shine through!


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