Creating a safer and more comfortable home environment for seniors


Whether you’re a senior yourself or you’re thinking about a family member, being comfortable in your home in older age is absolutely essential. It’s common knowledge that you might have to make a few adjustments here and there to improve your everyday life at home and luckily, these are pretty easy to do.

Make moving around easier

The tell-tale aches and pains of getting older can become more noticeable if you have a difficult to navigate home. For example, lots of stairs or cluttered hallways can prove a nightmare for those who struggle with limited mobility.

To combat this, try rearranging your space at home to give better ease of access. Clearing corridors and moving furniture will give more floor space which makes moving around the home that bit easier. Similarly, make sure any cables are neatly tidied away at the sides of the room to avoid and tripping hazards.

Think about slip-proof flooring

Speaking of trips, falling is one of the most common injuries a senior person can sustain at home. While some are unavoidable, there are certainly ways of reducing the chances of them happening. For example, installing slip-proof flooring in rooms like the kitchen or bathroom will help those tricky tiled floors to be less hazardous.

If that’s a bit expensive or too much upheaval, look instead to things like supported slippers. These are ideal for giving better grip underfoot as well as being more comfortable than a regular shoe. Places like Mobility Solutions have a variety of footwear for seniors among other assistance products.

Improving the heating

As we get older, we tend to feel the cold a lot more, especially in the winter. Most seniors will crank up the heating to feel nice and toasty which isn’t a problem unless using an outdated boiler system.

A lot of older properties will tend to have dated heating systems which aren’t only ineffective but costly too. To cut down on spend and feel the benefit of the heating more, maybe do some research into getting the boiler serviced or even replaced.  If you’re planning to get it replaced, it’s best to do consider the new boiler cost if you think it’s much better to have it replaced than serviced frequently.

Similarly, it might be a good idea to get someone to come and survey your property to check if any improvements can be made. For example, double glazed windows, draught-proofing and insulation.

Elderly-specific adaptations

If you’re really struggling with home life, there are plenty of more permanent home adaptations to consider. Even little things like door-entry intercoms will mean that you don’t need to rush to the front door can make a big difference. Similarly, bathroom railings and motion sensor lighting can make getting around your home less tiresome.

Of course, larger instalments such as stairlifts are a common addition to any senior’s home. While some elderly people object to these and they feel they don’t need the help, they make living at home more bearable, reduce the risk of injury and give more independence.

Seeing in old age in your home doesn’t have to be a chore. A few simple adjustments here and there can help to improve your happiness and wellbeing. You also don’t need to do everything all at once, take your time and find out what options are on offer to help you as an individual.

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