Create a Top-Notch Casino Style Gaming Room At Your Home

More than once, you might have envisaged having a casino room in your home. Something that makes you feel closer to the game or something to help you bond with friends other than the boring talks about TV shows and work. You don’t need to reach out to a professional before you can make a classy casino in your home. If you can decorate your home perfectly for Christmas or Thanksgiving, then you can also decorate your own little classy casino on your own. All that is needed is to find your preferred materials for it and the rest is history.

Getting Started

To start with, you can’t make a perfect design without deciding what your home casino should look like. Picture what you want and how you want it. What are the things you know you wanted in the room? Slot machine? Poker table? Or even a wheel of fortune? This will allow you to know what to buy and what not to buy. Don’t forget to make sure that your furniture matches the design you want and also be sure that the painting of your room would not conflict with the casino.  If it doesn’t, you can either change your interior or opt-in for another design that would match your current interior entirely. In no time you would have your casino room like one of the most beautiful land-based casinos in Queensland or Las Vegas.

The Must Haves

You know you can’t find a casino without at least one single slot machine. In some casinos, we have gaming rooms that only have slot games and they still give players the best satisfaction. I am also not oblivious to the fact that slot machines could be very expensive than we can afford, or it might just be too big for the purpose we want to use them for. However, modern digital technology has made its way into the gambling system as well.

You can get digital slot machines although not exactly like the traditional ones, it will still serve the purpose. You can select your preferred digital slot on eBay and have an order for it. The digital machine however needs so much money and time investment, the very good news is that you can still play for real money. A much easier way is for you is to get a cheaper and smaller one. Make a quick selection on the small slot machine on Amazon; unlike the big old ones, these ones are very affordable. Also, they’re portable and you can move them around, they also work with real money. You can also take up Do It Yourself classes and ensuring you still get a perfect casino room while having to spend little to nothing. You can also get video tutorials on how to make a slot machine with cardboard and other materials you can reach easily.

Card and Table Games

Card games are an integral part of most casinos. Given the ease and popularity of card games, your home casino would feel incomplete without the addition of one or more of them. Blackjack, Baccarat, and Poker are one the most universal and require just a deck of cards, a table, and someone to serve as the croupier. These card games can serve as one of the best bonding moments amidst family and friends with the possibility to wager a little buck by the side.

Remember that great casino movie you had once watched? How you had always wanted to have a roulette, not only for fun but also for sophistication. You can always get your roulette from any casino store, both online and traditional. You can also make a roulette yourself through DIY tutorials. All you need to make a roulette table is at the tip of your finger. You might need extra help from a friend or two. Get the following: A Roulette Wheel, A Jigsaw, A Wooden Table or a few sheets of plywood and table legs, Drill, cloth, Wood Glue, and a Stapler.

Other pieces that could complement your home casino include:

  •  Pinball Machine: For the great fun of it.
  •  Craps: It can be bought or made. You can make your own dice and a wooden stick. A normal dining table or a pool table can be used. A poker table can also serve as a craps table.
  •  Chuck-A-Luck: Also called ‘Birdcage’, for this game all you need is three dice which you could easily buy or make from any other suitable materials. The game layout can be printed from the internet or you can simply buy one. Get a tumbler also.
  •  Darts: Every casino has darts so, why shouldn’t you? You can simply buy this from any store.
  •  Bingo: This can be made easily. Doing it yourself will be a lot of fun. Use ping pong balls, write the numbers in bold texts, put all the balls in a bowl. You are there! You can as well get free templates that you can print on the Internet for your bingo cards or you could make them yourself.

Author: Bright Elemeje