Cost-effective Ways to Redesign Your Home


Whether you’re planning to stick around for the foreseeable or sell imminently, there comes a time when every home needs to be reinvented. It doesn’t matter if you’re focusing on adding value or creating a space you can fall in love with – it’s still going to require significant spending.

But not all of us have unlimited capital. Whether you’re seeking to maximize profits or simply operating within a budget, it may be that you or your business want to improve your home while keeping an eye on your outlay. Though this can be tricky, ignore the naysayers who’ll try to persuade you it’s not possible.

Instead, have a read of this article to see how it can be done. That goes for the professionals too – the architects, designers, constructors, and property investors who are hoping for a quick turnaround and a tidy profit at the end.

Opt for off-the-shelf updates

It will cost more to overhaul some areas of your home than others, and bathrooms and kitchens can be particularly expensive. However, there’s not only one way to do things, and a growing number of professional and DIY renovators are exploring modular pods as an option. Designed in a factory, these are constructed on an assembly line and come ready to install.

For kitchen and prefabricated bathrooms pods manufacturers, companies like Hydrodiseño can be a good idea. They retail self-contained cells that include everything from doors to tiles, toilets, and basins. This makes the cost of completely replacing these rooms much lower than it’s traditionally been without sacrificing anything in terms of quality.   

Switch up your color scheme

If you’re looking for a less drastic solution than ripping out and replacing rooms, you’d be amazed by the difference a fresh color scheme can make. The trick when choosing a palette is to consider what sort of feeling you want the space to conjure. For example, yellows and oranges create feelings of warmth, while blues and greens can be calming.

Once you begin to paint, make sure you’re doing this in the right order. That means taking care of the ceiling first, followed by the walls, skirting boards, windows, and finally the doors. Opt for any other order and you risk drips and wasteful once-overs to combat these.

It shouldn’t stop at painting; select accessories that contribute to your color scheme too. It’s a good idea to choose options on the opposite side of the color wheel to the shades on your walls, as these will complement each other in a way that’s eye-catching yet elegant. For example, pinks and greens work beautifully together.

Create additional storage space

Finally, one issue a lot of homeowners, constructors and designers struggle with is clutter. This can dramatically diminish a space, making it seem smaller, cramped, and less attractive. What you want is to make that same area feel open and expansive. Additional storage is the solution.

There are lots of ways to do this, and many are cost-effective. Under-bed is a popular option, but one of the easiest ways is to get your clutter off the floor. This might mean installing cabinets or shelving, which you can use to organize, conceal, and improve the appearance of any excess.

When it comes to redesigning a home on a budget, there are several ways to improve and refine it without spending too much. The three above are merely a start. Once you’re inspired, it’s only your imagination holding you back.

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