Cosmetic Dentistry Trends for 2021 and Upcoming Innovations

Cosmetic dentistry has come a long way in a short period of time. It offers tremendous potential today than ever before. Although it is impossible to have a crystal clear view of the future, it is important to know about what to expect in 2021. One of the things about dental technologies is that the field has advanced significantly and it is not like it used to be back in the day. There are new dental x ray equipment available that have made visits to the dentists less scary. Check out a trusted Cosmetic Dentist Eugene Oregon to know some of the most advanced dental procedures that you and your family could try. Let’s take a look at the upcoming innovations and cosmetic dentistry trends for 2021. Also, if you are looking for a complete array of professional dental services, contact the most reputable Dental in Austin TX.

1. Virtual Consultancy

The coronavirus pandemic has changed the entire landscape. With most of the world going under lockdown, new innovative solutions have propped up. One of these solutions is virtual consultancy. It is predicted that 2021 will see an increase in virtual consultancy. This means that patients can consult with the cosmetic dentist virtually using Zoom or any other app. Covid-19 has been unpredictable. It has allowed us to think of new ways to do the same tasks using technology. Thus, a cosmetic trend that you will see in 2021 is virtual consultancy.

2. 3D Printers

3D printers have revolutionized cosmetic dentistry. They offer solutions that were not possible in the past. For instance, if one uses Invisalign, they have already used a 3D-printed appliance. Even though restorations such as bridges and crowns are made by milling down ceramic or any other material, 2021 will see an increase in 3D printers for building restorations and other appliances. Cosmetic dentists are learning how to make the most of 3D printers. This will enable them to make all types of dental equipment. Accurate models can be constructed from the ground up. As 3D printers are predicted to be used even more in 2021, chances are that your next appointment with a cosmetic dentist will involve the use of 3D printers including dentist ventura.

3. Robotics

Dental implant technologies are predicted to use the power of robotics to create a wide variety of dental implants. From implant-supported bridges to all-on-4 dental implants, robotics offers great promise. The groundbreaking technology has a lot to offer. Surgeries are likely to use robotics for assisting the enhancing the knowledge and acumen of the dentist. Although the physician would not be replaced by robots, patients will benefit from improved surgical results and a much better experience. Besides, robotics help improve accuracy, workflow, and precision. This means that surgeries in 2021 will be more successful. If you want to know more important information about dental implants, visit

4. Intraoral Scanner

Another trend that we will see in 2021 in the world of cosmetic dentistry is the use of an intraoral scanner. It will provide professional photos of your teeth. If you do not like biting onto a tray filled with goo, you will find the intraoral scanner to be the perfect alternative. It helps ensure that you never have to gag onto something ever again. The device scans your entire mouth and creates an amazing digital impression. It is painless and assists with restorative dental procedures. Patients even get to see how their teeth would look after the procedure.

5. Digital X-Rays

The first medical x-rays were taken in 1896. The technology is not the same today. The year 2021 will see an increase in digital x-rays as it requires less exposure to radiation. Moreover, the pictures would be uploaded to the computer instantly. This makes it the perfect option for patients. The cosmetic dentist would also have an easier time looking at the image to see which way to proceed. The digital x-rays can even be taken from outside the mouth. This makes it the best method for everyone.

6. One-Visit Crowns

Unlike in the past when patients had to visit their dentist a few times before receiving a crown, one-visit crowns are expected to be widely available in 2021. This means that you would get your crowns made during the first sitting instead of having to visit the dentist a few times. This makes it more efficient. Digital impressions allow crowns to be made within just a few hours at the office. Thus, patients would need to spend much less time with the dentist. Please visit The Point Dental for more information about cosmetic dentist.

7. Teeth Whitening Using LED Light

Finally, another trend that we will see in 2021 is the use of LED light for teeth whitening. There are plenty of different teeth whitening options in the market. One option that shines bright is teeth whitening with LED light. It eliminates the need for hydrogen peroxide and kits.


Once you have gone over the above, you will know all the cosmetic dentistry trends for 2021. Going through all of the trends will allow you to learn more about the upcoming innovations.  Learn more about what your dentist can do for you with the cosmetic dentist based in Tallahassee fl.