Convert PDF to Word Easily Using 4 Steps


If you are always on the go, getting your computer tools in place is still the priority. Since your time is essential, you need these work tools to work. The problem with installed software is that they also rely on your computer’s capabilities. When your computer is new, these tools will give you what you need in terms of productivity and ease. But if you are using a computer around six years old, things will not be as fast as you expect them to go. Over time, something as editing Word, video clips, or vlogging demands up-to-date software and computer specs to do their job.

There are times when the problem is solved by installing new RAM. But there are computers that you could never improve on, especially when their RAM or processors are soldered in. Thus, this is where online tools become essential such as a PDF to Word converter. audio converters, or word editing tools can make your job easier. Because they are available online, they don’t rely heavily on your computer memory to do the job.

PDFBear: PDF to Word Converter

PDFBear is a powerful online tool that can convert and do other things to your documents. It is reliable because it is using cloud technology. Without relying on your computer resources for its conversion process, doing the task is faster. The pro version of PDFBear allows you to store unlimited files online. This means that your converted file can stay in the cloud, ready for future conversions.

Rest assured that your files remain secure because they are encrypted. You can also have unlimited uploads and downloads with the pro version. There is no limit as to the file size that you can convert in the process. There is also a customer and tech support. These two are crucial when you are working on corporate documents that need utmost attention. There are times when an issue happens. It is always great to have actual human beings to assist you.

Three Basic Things You Need To Use PDFBear

You are only required to have the following to use the powerful benefits of PDFBear:

  1. A working computer: Your computer doesn’t have to be powerful or new. Note that, as long as it can connect to the internet and has an installed browser, then you are good to go.
  2. Browser: You can use Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, or any browser of your choice. The only requirement is that they should work. If you are having issues accessing any website, then clear your cache.
  3. Internet connection: This is a no-brainer. PDFBear works 100% online. You can have unlimited tasks using PDFBear with a working browser. The PDFBear pro version has no ads and has powerful capabilities.

Converting PDF to Word Fast

  1. The steps are easy by simply opening the browser of your choice.
  2. You then go to the official PDFBear website with the logo and tools in front.
  3. Look for PDF to Word converter and click on this. The process will give you the tool page to upload the PDF files you want to convert into Word format.
  4. Select the files and then drag or drop them into the PDF converter.
  5. The converter will scan the pages and extract the text from your PDF files. The conversion process doesn’t take long.
  6. A nicely formatted document should now be ready to download.

Accessing PDFBear On The Go

You can add PDFBear as a Chrome extension. This means it is available in just one click. Instead of typing the website, everything you have a task, you can only access this powerful tool in a click anytime and anywhere.

PDFBear Pro Version: Why Do You Need To Switch?

You can still reap the powerful benefits of PDFBear in its free version. However, the pro version has around 12 benefits. For example, with the free version, you have website security, and all tools are included. With the pro version, you get the following:

  • Task Conversions are Unlimited – You can work in batches or have unlimited uploads and downloads at the same time.
  • Website Security – All your PDFBear tasks are encrypted so that no one can access your files.
  • File Storage space is Unlimited – Cloud storage is convenient because you can store as much as you want.
  • The number of files per task – There is no limit to this.
  • File size per task does not have limitations – There is also no limit to the file size you can work on.
  • Uploaded Tasks Storage life is Unlimited– In the free version, the files get deleted after an hour on the server.
  • Converted Tasks Storage life is Unlimited – You can have future conversions of the same files.
  • OCR tasks have an Unlimited amount– This is the technology used in PDF scanning.
  • No advertisements – You can work with ease without ads redirecting you to another page.
  • Faster upload speed in percentage – This will boost your productivity.
  • Priority Technical / Customer Support – Exceptional tech support that you can reach out to 24/7.
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