Console Table Decorating Ideas for Every Room In the House


Console tables come in very handy in so many different settings! Whether you’re looking for a nifty spot to place your keys and essentials, a sleek minimalist desk to study at, a subtle bar style dining area or a contemporary dresser, a console table is going to serve you perfectly. With the right styling, any console table will blend seamlessly into your space and create a welcoming, highly usable home for you to enjoy and live in. Here are a few expert approved console table decorating tips to help you on your way to that dream home of yours…

Add Seating and Style Accordingly

Adding a chair or two is going to transform your console table into a dining area, a mini living room bar or a desk that’s roomy enough for studying or for working from home in smaller households. You can achieve a sleek and airy look by adding a stool or a bench, or opt for chairs for a more traditional feel.

Get Reflective

Adding a mirror either atop of your console table or mounted on the wall behind it will make the piece feel like a glamorous dressing table, absolutely ideal for the bedroom, bathroom or walk-in wardrobe (if you’re lucky enough to have one!) Decorate with a jewellery box, a metallic or glass tray, your grooming essentials and an upholstered bench for a glamorous styling scene. Look for luxurious textures such as velvet and silk as well as antiqued hardware for an eye-catching dressing table.

Layer Up Accessories

Light layering is a great way of making a real feature out of your console table without bulking up a particular area of a room. Light layers of artwork, greenery and small ceramic accessories will be fantastic for creating a beautiful decorative focal area in your living room or kitchen.

Set the Foundations

Thinking of using your table for mealtimes? A classic console table is immediately transformed into a chic mini dining table with the use of a linen tablecloth! Finish with a candle, place settings and two chairs for an intimate dining spot.  Be sure to consider a Bone Inlay Dresser as well.

Stack your Books

Get creative with how you store your books! You can either use your console table as a one level bookshelf or get some sneaky extra storage in and stack your books beneath the table on the floor. This looks very boho chic and works beautifully in rustic and shabby chic style living rooms, home offices or hallways.

Try Half and Half

You can always try to get two functions out of your console stable by switching up the styling on either side of the piece! Cut your table in half with an artwork, plant or vase and use one side for storage whilst the other functions as a display point, work or dining surface.

Add Tabletop Storage

Your console table is a fantastic opportunity for some extra storage that the entire family can take advantage of. Tabletop storage solutions are amazingly cost effective and easy to switch out when you feel like a change. You can add baskets for a boho look, metal cages for a little industrial edge or neatly concealed locker style storage for a family friendly segmented solution, whatever suits your home and design preferences.

Choose Strategic, Functional Decor to Make it Work for Your Lifestyle

Remember that the best style is that which works for your everyday lifestyle. Choose clever, well thought out items that will make your console table as functional as it possibly can be, in whatever room of your home you’ve chosen to place it. Smart design is good design!

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