“Concrete Jungle” Or The Most Controversial Trend In The World Of Interior Design


The use of concrete in the interior causes many disputes. However, the number of fans of this unusual decorative material is steadily growing. Secrets of popularity of concrete and tips for its use – in our article.

Most of us associate the word “concrete” with architecture rather than with the interior. And these associations are rather gloomy. Well known to us gloomy gray concrete boxes, which dominate the post-Soviet space, are considered a measure of design mediocrity and vulgarity. Perhaps that is why one of the most fashionable and original interior trends – decorative concrete – causes misunderstanding and subconscious denial, not only among the domestic inhabitant, but also among design professionals.

However, despite the mental resistance of the masses, decorative concrete actively wins the position. So what are the logical, at first sight, reasons of popularity of this material? Let’s look into it.

Tribute to fashion

No matter how banal it sounds, fashion is the driving force behind the evolution of design. Because of the growing popularity of minimalistic interiors, the concept of “beauty in simplicity”, forgotten for a time, has returned to use. And what could be easier than refusing to finish the walls, floor or ceiling at all? To leave a concrete box in its original form with small functional design additions is a real example of minimalism.

For fans of another current fashion trend – loft-style apartments – concrete has become a real magic wand. The walls, not covered with finishing materials, are a perfect background for external wiring and exposed to the public communication pipes.

And for eclectic designs, concrete is simply indispensable. The presence of this material in the interior already seems a little absurd, so even the most daring combination of items belonging to different styles and eras, in a concrete environment look appropriate and organic.

Decorative potential

Perhaps the brutal beauty of concrete surfaces is not clear to everyone. But this does not make it aesthetically damaged. Concrete can be an ideal canvas for painting. Today it is not difficult to buy special paints and a variety of stencils for painting a variety of surfaces, through which you can personalize the concrete interior, make it truly unique.

And if you do not find in yourself creative, you can always polish the material and cover it with monochrome paint or varnish with the help of Southside Concrete Polishing. Believe me, the effect will exceed all your expectations.


Concrete has a number of undeniable practical advantages, which affect its popularity. First, it is a budget material, which can be obtained in any quantity. Secondly, the concrete is unusually strong, resistant to moisture, temperature fluctuations and mechanical damage.

And this means that it can be used anywhere and any way: in the manufacture of furniture, plumbing, kitchen work surfaces, decorative structures (columns, partitions, niches, stairs). And to all these items and interior elements, made of concrete, automatically attached a lifetime warranty.

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