Complex DIY Home Remodeling Tasks You Should Hire an Expert to Do

Complex DIY Home Remodeling Tasks You Should Hire an Expert to Do

Although doing it yourself (DIY) is an excellent way of saving money, it is not always the best option. Some tasks, such as installing home security systems, are simple for beginners. Others, such as plumbing and electrical wiring, should be left to professionals.

In this article, we examine various remodeling tasks that require professional assistance.

Criteria for Identifying Jobs that Require Professionals

Before starting your home improvement tasks, you should use the following criteria to see whether you need to call in an expert.

It is a Potential Killer

The first question you need to ask yourself about a job are the risks it poses to your wellbeing. If one of the possibilities is death, you should avoid it entirely. Put your safety first and set aside a budget for a professional.

It Could Damage Your Home

The objective of remodeling your home is to improve its condition. If you are not confident in your ability to handle a job that could damage your home, you should not try it.

If you go on with such jobs, you will end up incurring extra costs for repair and paying the professionals as well. On the other hand, if an expert is responsible for damages resulting from remodeling, you can ask for compensation.

It Requires a Permit

If a job requires a permit, you should steer away from it. The need for a license should serve as a warning that the task is too complicated for an inexperienced person.

Examples of Complex Jobs that Need Professionals

Here are the home improvement tasks that compel you to hire an expert such as a handyman.  For example with complex metal fabrication needs check out as an option.

Electrical Wiring

After some time, you might feel the need to add more sockets and switches to your home. If you are not a qualified electrician, you should avoid doing such a job yourself.  For example you can check out Westline Electrical Services for help.

Electricity is a deadly resource – it could kill you by electrocution, or cause a fire that damages your property. In the case of a fire, it could spread to nearby properties and cause more significant damage.

To make matters worse, your insurance company is not likely to compensate you if they establish that the fire resulted from your ignorance.

Plumbing jobs

Water is equally as dangerous as electricity. If you do a plumbing job poorly, you could cause death and excessive damage to your home through flooding. Continuous leakages also mean that you will have to pay more money for your water bills.

In some cases, the effects of poor plumbing might not be instant. For example, a poorly fitted pipe will continue leaking small amounts of water, which could weaken the surrounding walls. It might take months, but you will eventually have to replace an entire wall.


Welding is a risky task, mostly because it deals with high temperatures and high-voltage electricity. A poorly welded fixture will fall off days after the task complete, forcing you to spend money once more.

The task is in itself challenging. You need the proper gear to protect you from the sparks it produces. You also need to handle the equipment with the utmost care to avoid electrocution or fires.

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Tasks Dealing with Gas

Gas is highly flammable. It is also highly volatile and hard contains, which further increases its riskiness. If you need to improve your gas heating system, you should hire a professional. This explains why this job requires a permit.

Poor handling of gas could result in fires. Also, if you are exposed to the gas for an extended period, you could develop respiratory complications.


Many people prefer DIY jobs because it saves money. However, in some instances, it is better to prioritize safety and seek professional assistance. Besides keeping your life and staying healthy, you also save the money that you would have otherwise spent to cover for the poor DIY job.

That said, you can still save on these complex jobs by handling the bits that are not risky. For instance, in the case of wiring, you can drill the holes where the wires will pass. In the case of plumbing, you can turn off the main water supply and disassemble the faulty parts.

The best way of saving money is by asking different contractors for quotes. You can then choose the most affordable option, provided that they are experienced and have an excellent track record.