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Mosquito season is fast approaching. That means Charlotte, North Carolina, needs to take extra precautions since they are among the most infested with these pests in the country. Open this link for details on the nasty insect. You can also check some companies that provide purely organic mosquito control spraying service just to make sure that your health will not be compromised while driving mosquitos away.

Pest control companies take time each year to rank the mosquito dominance in the top 50 cities, and Charlotte ranks at number 9 for the worst problem. These pests carry severe disease detrimental to animals and humans, meaning outside time in areas like Charlotte need limiting to avoid an attack.

The indication is that a single female has the potential for bearing as many as 300 eggs thriving in the garden and throughout the vegetation, especially in areas where there’s standing water. Hundreds of these nasty bugs can breed in merely a single cap full of water from a water bottle top.

It is essential to get a handle on the pest population, but at least starting with your parcel of land. In most cases, the overabundance of the pesky insect requires mosquito control to battle the infestation, particularly in North Carolina. Still, there are things you can do as a homeowner to complement the tech’s efforts. Let us look at some of these natural techniques.

Natural Complements to Expert Mosquito Control in Charlotte, North Carolina

While it is critical to implement professional technicians, like Mosquito-Tech to deal with mosquito infestations in Charlotte, North Carolina, due to the magnitude of the problem, there are natural techniques homeowners can incorporate to double up on the precautions.

No one wants to miss out on the beautiful spring and summer months that the east coast offers. Sadly, when mosquito attacks inundate you, you are forced to stay indoors to remain safe from the health hazards they pose from the diseases they carry. Some natural tips you can try in addition to using expert services to eradicate the problem are as follows:

Use A Lighter to Singe Grounds of Coffee

If you have coffee grounds leftover, place these in a bowl to air dry and put this in an area where the pests generally hang out. Use a lighter to singe the grounds because the aroma from the caffeine will drive the pesky creatures away from that immediate area.

That does not mean they will leave your garden, but if you want the patio to enjoy for yourself without the fear of attack, put a couple of bowls out and enjoy a quiet evening in peace.

Create A Spray Made from Essential Oils

You might research what would indeed offend these nasty monsters but produce a spray from a blend of essential oils with some common ones like peppermint and lavender generally being deterrents for many different types of creatures.

You probably think that mosquitos are usually attracted to perfume or hairsprays. Still, generally, a mixture of suitable essential oils offends most wildlife, including insect families. But it is not limited to essential oils; some specific herbs and spices do the trick as well.

Use A Dryer Sheet

The “old wives’ tale” has science standing behind it. Within the ingredients of a dryer sheet, you will find “linalool, a toxic substance for specific insects like mosquitoes and gnats, plus “beta-citronellol,” a component also seen in citronella, a profound repellant for the pest.

The suggestion is to carry one of these in a pocket, or you can also rub overexposed skin but make sure there are no allergies before taking this step.

Plants Meant to Repel the Bugs

There are specific plants that these pesky critters have disdain for, including lavender, peppermint, sage, catnip, basil, citrosum, rosemary, and lemon balm. Planting is an easy way to beautify the garden but make it unappealing to these insects and many others who also find these plants offensive, including some small animals.

Smoky Areas Are Unappealing to The Pesky Monster

If you burn a candle or perhaps some incense or even outdoor torches, the mosquito population will flee. They are not fond of smoke, but more so, they do not like smoke that has an odor of an offensive nature. That means either getting a citronella candle (if you can handle the scent) or one of the more appealing scents for you that will still send the bugs away.

Incense would be good in the eucalyptus or clove family, again may citronella. But as mentioned earlier, these creatures are not happy with lavender, peppermint, or other lovely scents, so if you can find lavenders in candles or incense, try those to see the type of reaction you get before moving on to the other options.

Another suggestion is to light up your fire pit if you have one but do so using “pinon wood” that boasts a very fragrant scent when burning to keep the insects away. Keep the embers burning for the length of time you are entertaining, so there’s no likelihood of a reoccurrence if the fire were to go out.

Final Thought

These natural remedies complement the professional treatments provided by a mosquito tech whose intention is to completely eradicate the problem from North Carolina properties.

Until the expert is fully able to eliminate the problem, these techniques help you get outside and entertain instead of being trapped inside the house for fear of an attack due to the sheer volume of these you will find in Charlotte. Find out facts all Charlotte citizens need to be aware of relating to this pest at

Mosquitos are among the most dangerous insects due to the level of severe disease they carry and pass from person to person and animal. It is critical to take every precaution to avoid a bite from the deadly creature. That is why in addition to professional treatment, take extra steps to ensure you’re doubly secure with some natural remedies meant to repel the nasty pest.

These are merely a few DIY methods. There are so many you can find in the online platform to deter the mosquito. In North Carolina, you need as much help as you can get.

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