Comparing Saunas? Which is the Best for Your Home

If you have been in a sauna before, then you probably understand the health and wellness benefits of a sweat session in a sauna. Many people love the sauna experience, but sweating alongside strangers may not be so much fun. If you are looking for a home spa experience, then you are in the right place. However, you need to understand that saunas are a significant investment. To make the best of your resources, we help you compare different saunas so you can buy one that will work best for your home. Read on to explore the options available. Meanwhile, if you are looking for the best sauna, downtown banya has the best suggestions for you. 

What Are the Different Saunas That You Can Get for Your Home?

Home saunas are expensive compared to portable saunas. A portable sauna would cost you approximately $100-250, while home saunas cost you over $1,000. The cost of an in-home sauna depends on the type of sauna you will need and whether you will need professional installation. To know more about these differences, you will have to read on below. We briefly highlight some of the different saunas and the cost considerations you will need to make below:

  • Traditional sauna kits. A conventional sauna kit is one with all parts and tools that you will need to put a sauna together. With this type of sauna, you will not need a professional’s help, and you will spend around $2000-6000 depending on the brand. There is a wide range of luxury indoor sauna that is commercially available – a lot of options where you could choose from.
  • Interior sauna units. An interior sauna unit is prefabricated and goes for approximately $1000-4000. You can choose the size and features you want in your internal sauna unit.
  • Interior and exterior custom saunas. These options are more expensive than prefabricated saunas and have a price range similar to that of traditional saunas.
  • Sauna rooms. Sometimes, clients want to convert a whole room in their home into a sauna. This can be a costly project that will require you to cough up at least $5000. If you want to add a sauna room in your home, it may cost you more.

Next, we explain the different types of saunas.

  • Infrared saunas. This type of sauna heats the body directly instead of warming the air around it. This is the significant difference it has from the traditional sauna. They get to a maximum temperature of approximately 130 degrees in about half an hour to 45 minutes. The infrared sauna is essential for detoxification, alleviation of stress, and dealing with conditions such as fatigue, diabetes, heart disease, depression, and muscle joint pain.
  • Steam sauna. Also known as wet saunas, these saunas are created by a dry sauna. The humidity here stands approximately 5-30%. This type of sauna opens the pores, helps with sinuses, relieves sore joints and muscles and promotes relaxation
  • Dry Sauna. Dry saunas, just like steam saunas, have low humidity and can be heated up to 190 degrees. They are heated by an electric heater or with wood. They are suitable for joint and muscle pain relief, lowering blood pressure, and enhancing blood circulation.


The Best Saunas on the Market

1. JNH Lifestyles Joyous Infrared Sauna

This model fits for couples who are looking for a compact and high-quality sauna. It features seven carbon heaters and that work better in heat distribution and consumes less energy compared to ceramic infrared heaters. The sauna heaters are located on the side, back and calf so that the heat can be distributed evenly. This sauna is crafted in a tongue-and-groove style and made of Canadian Hemlock Wood. The double-door feature ensures maximum heat insulation, which helps deliver maximum benefits to the body. Also, its design is user friendly and easy to set up without any tools. You only need to buckle the panels together to set it up.

2. Jacuzzi Clearlight Premier IS-1

If you are looking for a single-user unit, then this Jacuzzi is what you need. This classic sauna model is created from eco-certified North American basswood and Canadian cedar. It also features low-ELF True Wave heaters along the sides, front, back, and under the bench. It also features chemotherapy lighting with ELF shielding that helps protect the user from electromagnetic radiation exposure. The classic design also has LED accent lights, cabinets, a door handle, and a smartphone cabinet. It also features audio speakers and digital keypads that allow adjusting of sauna settings.

3. Radiant Infrared Hemlock Sauna

This sauna model is powered by nine heaters strategically placed around the sauna. There is a bronze tilted glass door and an audio system to help you enjoy music while in the sauna. There is also a chemotherapy lighting system. All these features work together to promote relaxation and improve the body’s circulation. It is made from Canadian hemlock, which is scratch-resistant and resists microbes and mold.

Figuring out the best sauna to buy is not easy.  You can also check this sauna blanket with infrared technology in this website  We have discussed cost differences, types of saunas, and some of the best models that you can enjoy. With this information, choosing the right sauna will be a walk in the park.