Common Roof Problems You’re Most Likely to Face


The roof is an essential part of any building, as it protects the indoor space from the hazards of weather elements. Taking into consideration the essentiality of the roof, it is recommended that property owners pay attention to the health of the roof in order to pinpoint roof problems early and make sure that these problems are promptly addressed.

At J.O.N. Construction, Inc in Allentown PA, we have handled several roof services over the years and through the experience gathered, we have been able to identify some of the most common roof problems you are most likely to be faced with here.

As a property owner, below are the common roof problems you should be on the lookout for.

1. Leaking Roofs

Roof leaks are one of the most common problems associated with the roof. Leakages are not peculiar to residential or commercial roofs. Leaks may be caused by a variety of factors including missing shingles, roof rot, pest activities, damage by tree limbs and others. If your roof is leaking, chances are high that water may pool in your home and cause extensive damage, especially when the leak is not detected early enough. Also, late detection of roof leaks can also cause extensive damage to other parts of the roof, thus, translating in expensive repair costs. Early detection of leaks can save you from expensive repairs, mold and mildew growth, as well as roof rot.

2. Lifted Shingles

Lifted shingles are a common problem associated with roofs in areas where there are severe weather conditions. High winds or hail storms can lift metal flashings, shingles, and tiles up. When this happens, there is a need to ensure that it is promptly attended to by nailing down or resealing the lifted shingles, tiles or flashing. It is important to note that failure to attend to this promptly may further compromise the health of the roof.

3. Standing Water

Standing water problems could be caused by a number of reasons including the presence of a divot in the roof or the improper maintenance of rain gutters. When water pools on the roof, it affects the structures around it, thus, causing the roofing material to soak in water. Over time, the roofing material may begin to leak water into the home, thus, encouraging the growth of mold, mildew, and other organic matter. In addition, this may lead to stains on the wall, a water pool on the floor, as well as other hazards. Routine rain gutter cleaning and the use of top-quality metal flashing can help prevent this from happening.

4. Holes in the Roof

Roof holes can be caused by a variety of reasons. In some cases, these holes may be caused by high winds, high impact of hail storms, tree limbs, and pest activities. In some other cases, the holes may be created over time due to improper maintenance and inspection of the roof. Roof holes not only allow water to penetrate the home but also opens up the home to pest attack. In addition, holes in the roof can also increase your overall heating and cooling bills, as external air would be exchanged with the indoor air, thus, lowering the efficiency of the HVAC system.

5. Bad Repairs

When you notice certain problems with the roof, it is recommended that experts like J.O.N. Construction, Inc should be hired to look into the problem and provide professional insight as to the best way to fix these problems. However, if you have chosen a substandard contractor to handle the repair, chances are that a bad repair will not only cost you extra but will also worsen the condition of your roof. Bad Roof repairs may lead to a more expensive roof replacement Allentown Pennsylvania.

6. Roof Shrinking and Splitting

The entire house contracts in the cold winter season and expands on hot summer days. Due to temperature changes, shrinkage may lead to certain problems like breaking off of the shingles and tiles. Once this has been noticed, it is recommended that you reach out to professionals like J.O.N. Construction, Inc to handle the tile or shingle replacement.

7. Loss of Granule

Asphalt shingles are made to have granules that absorb UV radiations and also protect the roof from further environmental impacts. However, in some cases, these granules may begin to fall off, thus, compromising the integrity of the roof. When this is noticed, it is recommended that you seek out experienced roofers to take a look and recommend the next line of action.

8. Tree Damage

Homeowners and commercial property owners who have trees around their buildings should pay attention to ensure that the trees are well-trimmed. When left unattended, tree limbs may break off and break areas on the roof upon impact. These areas can provide access for pests and rodents such as raccoons, mice, squirrels, rats, bats, birds, and also provides an avenue for water to gain access into the building. It is recommended that you should pay proper attention to trees surrounding your property, making sure they are trimmed and pruned when needed.

9. Bad Ventilation

An important part of the roof is the attic. The attic should be constructed in such a way that it allows for proper ventilation. An attic without proper ventilation may also lead to cracking and chipping of the roof due to the internal temperature.

10. Improper Construction

Choosing qualified, Licensed roofing contractors in Lehigh Valley PA like J.O.N. Construction, Inc ensures that you get a long-lasting roof. However, if you have chosen a roofing company that cuts corners, chances are that the construction will be sub-par and this may lead to more expensive roofing problems down the line. Trust this Bethlehem roofing company to do the job, as they offer the best Roofing Allentown PA.

Simple DIY Roofing Repairs

A DIY roofing repair isn’t exactly easy. If you’ve got some experience and the best roofing tools on the market, such as the Best Roofing Nailer, then you can perform some simple DIY roofing repairs. If your home has just a few damaged or missing shingles, you can replace them on your own, including other minor roof repairs, like flashing problems.

However, patches can be obvious if not matched correctly. Here are some tips for minor roof repairs:

  • Keep yourself abreast with DIY roofing by checking reputable websites online, asking pros around your area and preparing all your roofing repair tools. It’s important to choose the best roofing nailer to prevent roof shingle breakage.
  • Get good traction by wearing rubber-soled shoes when doing the DIY roof repairs.
  • Discard and replace shingles that come loose or completely free from the roof.
  • Flatten out any curling shingles and use some caulk or a roofing adhesive to re-adhere the edges.
  • Use a heat gun to help soften brittle curled shingles. This avoids breaking them.
  • Make sure that the new shingles’ back edge slide under the row of shingles, and the front edges align with the shingles on both sides.
  • Use roof cement to fill the joints around the flashing for proper seal.
  • For seam that appears worn or cracked down, use a putty knife to apply extra roof cement.
  • For partial reroofing, layer shingles only once, and if you have two layers, you have to remove both of them.
  • For total reroofing, if the damage is widespread, or localized areas need repair, you have to reroof the entire roofing system, which involves potentially stripping off all old shingles before you apply new ones.

In this case, consider hiring a roofing company that has the right tools, equipment, and men to finish the job sooner. It avoids delays and promotes your family’s utmost comfort.


Now you have an idea of the common roof problems you’ll most like to face. Leaks, missing shingles, rust, and damages caused by weather, fire, and other environmental factors can affect your roof badly. That’s why it’s important to take care of your roof with annual roofing inspection before these problems get worse.

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