Common Plumbing Repairs With Tankless water heaters


Tankless (or on-demand) water heaters can conserve energy better than standard heaters that keep on using energy to heat a large or medium tank of water until the water is hot. They heat water as required and avoid wasting energy on what may not be used at that particular moment. However, proper maintenance is required to ensure your high-quality tankless water heater serves you for a decade or two. Despite being energy efficient, they are also prone to plumbing issues. In this case you may need the help of a plumber for tankless hot water heater repairs. Below are common plumbing repairs with tankless water heaters.

Mineral buildup

Maintaining on-demand water heaters can be an expensive affair. This problem can decrease the heater’s efficiency and lead to premature damage. Hard water can be high in mineral content and potentially damage your heater. The scaly buildup is commonly caused by calcium and magnesium minerals, which tend to impair the function of the appliance if no proper maintenance is carried out. Using a water softener can help to slow down the mineral buildup. You can also consider flushing the heater twice a year using the relevant flushing or cleaning kits.

System overload

Different on-demand water heaters have different capacities and running too many applications simultaneously can overload your heater. When your water heater is struggling to meet your needs, it may become overloaded and shut down altogether. To avoid this problem, limit simultaneous applications and even reset your unit if you have to. You can also upgrade your heater by replacing it with another one with high capacity or purchase a second one to help handle the overload. This may seem like an expensive investment but you’ll preserve your water heater and save money in the long run.


While tankless water heaters are less prone to corrosion than tank water heaters, corrosion could signify a serious problem. The water may drip onto your gas burner, thereby leading to corrosion and blocking your gas supply. Even a minor restriction may cause the computer in your tankless water heater to malfunction and shut down the system. This is why you need your heater to be properly installed to extend its lifespan, as corrosion can lead to costly replacement projects.

Combustion shutdown

Tankless water heaters should also be vented properly to prevent computer-generated shutdowns. They have very hot exhaust to allow heated gas to escape rapidly and efficiently and prolong their lifespan.  You should also consider the many options for a Tankless Electric Water Heater as well.

Tankless water heaters are worth investing in whether you’re a homeowner or a business owner. They are highly efficient and can save you money because they only heat on-demand, unlike tank water heaters that can waste energy if you’re only going to use a small amount of water. While tankless water heaters rarely experience problems, they still need regular maintenance to ensure they are operating as efficiently as possible. You can fix some of the problems on your own but don’t be shy to ask for help or contact a professional plumber to help fix some of the plumbing issues you may be having with your tankless water heater.

If you’re going to invest in a tankless water heater, ensure you don’t overload it to an extent that it shuts down. You should also remove the mineral buildup and constantly check for corrosion. Regardless, it is energy efficient and can save you money.

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