Common Mistakes to Avoid When Designing Bespoke Office Furniture


Having well-designed bespoke office furniture can infuse productivity to your working environment.

From a boost in office productivity to increased interest from clients, the right design is a considerable asset.

With a third of the interest in total furniture sales being office furniture, you need to know what works and what doesn’t.

Bespoke office furniture has design elements that ensure a high level of productivity. They include:

  • Ergonomic adjustable desk and chairs;

  • Durable built-ins that can endure constant use and high traffic;

  • Multifunctional units that are useful in different occasions;

  • Custom furniture that fit your company’s brand and personality.

Start by proper planning of the design essentials and an outline of the use of the office space.

Before delving into the planning, let’s check out the standard rooms and spaces you’ll find in most offices.

Collaboration Breakout Space

Collaboration spaces are for informal meetings. It can be in a private room, a semi-enclosed space or round desks and chairs placed in the open but away from the main workspace.

Social Space

It is for multiuser gatherings. It’s your typical break room, game room, or lounge for socialising with your coworkers.

Training Rooms

Training rooms are conference rooms or boardrooms which you can also convert to classroom-type layouts. For this reason, the furniture type is often flexible and multifunctional.

Private Office or Workspace

They are the designated work areas, like open workstations or private offices, where employees do their work. Often the workspace consists of a desk and chair, but why not get executive office furniture so you’re sure to be comfortable while you work?

Private Office or Workspace

How Do Problems Develop?

With so many spaces to furnish, the likelihood of a furniture faux pas is quite high. That’s why you need to identify some of these blunders and learn how to avoid them.

Your Furniture Doesn’t Fit with the Office Layout

Build your bespoke furniture with your office layout in mind. The furnishings must support the room size, space, decor and placement to create balance.

Avoid these creative pitfalls in your furniture design:

  • Have a mix of built-ins and custom-made floating furniture that you can place in the centre of the office;

  • Don’t use a dark palette for your furniture material, fabric or finishing. Dark coloured furniture, don’t work well small offices;

  • Furniture with different heights gives the illusion of space. To achieve this, ensure the furniture is adjustable.

  • Mix and match your designs to create visual interest from the diversity and prevent it from looking like a showroom. But don’t go overboard, too much variety can be confusing.

Remember, your office layout and the furniture design are the foundation of creating a suitable work environment.

Wrong Measurement of Office Size and Dimensions

Because bespoke furniture is custom-made, it’s important to get the office dimensions right. Measure the whole office more than once to get accurate readings.

Doing so reduces the possibility of designing furniture that is either too big or too small for the office.

Furthermore, spaces with awkward dimensions and nooks need uniquely designed furniture to fit.

Assuming Furniture Design is an Afterthought

Your design decisions should not be an afterthought to the function of the furniture. Rather, it should be a continuous review from the onset of planning.

Therefore, the design should be a priority as in such cases:

  • Design for comfort, not style to ensure your employees don’t develop health complications.

  • Add furniture over time to build the personality and differential identity of your office space.

  • Aside from comfort, design for functionality and to fit your office layout.


The right bespoke office furniture design can help transform your office into a productive environment for employees.

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