Common Furnace Problem and Ways to Fix It


If you wake up cold in the middle of the night, then know that you are in furnace trouble. Nothing is worse than compromising our peaceful sleep just because the furnace has stopped working in its basic operation. So what will you do in the dead of the night, where everyone around you is in their dream world?

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There are many things you can do to fix your furnace until the help reaches you. With a little knowledge, you can take care of the problem temporarily, but make sure to get it fixed by the professionals for a peaceful sleep.

The following are a few of the common furnace problems and their troubleshooting tips.

1. Check the Thermostat to ensure its On


This may not sound logical, but trust us, most of the time, homeowners call the service personnel in the dead of the night only to find out that their thermostat has been switched off accidentally. If it is working, check its batteries and replace them with new ones. If it is a wired one, open the thermostat and gently clean the dust and debris and program it rightly. Finally check the fuse whether it has tripped or blown. If it does not look good, then call the Buffalo furnace engineers and get it completely checked for professional assurance.

2. The furnace is not Producing Heat

This can be because of many reasons. The first step is to confirm whether it is set to `Heat’ mode. Try resetting the temperature to a few degrees up and down and wait for any temperature difference.

If there is no result, then check for fuse or circuit breaker. Finally, switch off the system, wait for 10 minutes and then restart it. If the problem still persists, then try solving with the next problem.

3. Clean the Filter


Most of the time, the furnace may cause issues because of a dirty or clogged filter. This is basic maintenance which if left for more than 2-3 months of no-cleaning, then it will start giving you issues like less efficiency, no operation, and more. Clean or replace the air filter at least once in 2-3 months for better and improved operation. Try cleaning the filter and restart your furnace. If nothing seems to work, then get help from the professionals.

4. Keep the Encircled Area of Furnace Clean


This is one of the most common mistakes that homeowners do not give much attention to. The area around the furnace must not only be cleaned from dust and debris but also other obstructions for smooth operation.

Make sure there is no flammable substance near the furnace as it can lead to hazardous situations.

5. Heating or Rapid Cycling Problems


This issue is also because of many reasons. The first reason can be worn out or dirty air filters. Clean/replace it once in 3 months. If the air filter is not the problem, then the issue may lie in the belts and blower motor, which will need assistance only from the professionals.

6. Noisy Furnace


Noises in the furnace are not normal. It can be because of clogged burners, airflow reductions, or mechanical problems.

Rattling noises can be because of loose panels. Grinding sound indicates motor repair and squealing noise is because of loose connections or the slipping of the belt that connects the fan to the motor. There can also be other related noise, which can be repaired only by experienced professionals. Do not leave the noisy furnace unattended as it will lead to many other problems.

7. Smelling Gas


If you are suspecting a gas leak, there is nothing you can do. The first thing is to vacate the house immediately. Also, do not switch anything on and off and call the experts immediately. A gas leak can be because of the inefficiency operation of the furnace problem. This is a very serious problem which must be attended to the very next minute. So get help immediately.

These are the basic and most common furnace problems. The troubleshooting tips are just a temporary solution, so make sure to get it properly fixed by the experts.

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