Common Causes of Sinking Foundations and How to Fix Them

Did you know that few things are more debilitating than having a home with an unstable foundation? If you’re dealing with sinking foundations, you may find it difficult to find a buyer for your house. Worse, you may find yourself paying out of pocket to fix the issue if you try to sell.

Before you shell out hundreds of unaffordable dollars just to try and sell your house, consider the likely causes of sinking foundations. Maybe you can fix the issue on your own.

Read below to learn all about the common causes of a sinking foundation and how to fix them.

Soil Type

The type of soil on which a building is constructed can have a significant impact on the stability of its foundation. For example, if the soil is made up of clay or silt, it can shrink and swell depending on the moisture content, leading to the foundation settling. Similarly, if the soil is too sandy or loose, it may not be able to support the weight of the building, causing the foundation to sink.

One way to fix a sinking foundation due to soil type is to install piers or piles that reach down to a more stable layer of soil beneath the problematic soil. The piers or piles can be steel or concrete and will provide a stable foundation for the building.

Water Infiltration

Water infiltration is another common cause of sinking foundations. When water accumulates around the foundation, it can soften the soil and cause it to lose its bearing capacity. This leads to the foundation sinking or settling.

To fix a sinking foundation due to water infiltration, identify the source of the water and address it. This may involve repairing leaky pipes, installing drainage systems, or waterproofing the foundation walls. Additionally, drain any standing water around the foundation to prevent further water infiltration.

Poor Soil Compaction

If the soil is not properly compacted during construction, it can settle under the weight of the building, leading to a sinking foundation.

To fix a sinking foundation due to poor soil compaction, the affected area may need to be excavated and properly compacted. This may involve adding more soil or using a compactor to ensure that the soil is stable and can support the weight of the building.

Inadequate Foundation Design

If the foundation was not designed to support the weight of the building or if it was not constructed properly, it can lead to a sinking foundation.

To fix a sinking foundation due to inadequate foundation design, an engineer or foundation repair specialist should be consulted to assess the foundation and recommend the appropriate solution. This may involve reinforcing the existing home foundation, installing new piers or piles, or even rebuilding the entire foundation.

Learning the Causes of Sinking Foundations and How to Fix Them

Sinking foundations are a serious problem that can cause structural damage to a building and put its occupants at risk. Therefore, it is important to address any signs of the foundation sinking immediately.

The above solutions can be effective in fixing a sinking foundation. Still, it is always recommended to seek the advice of a qualified engineer or foundation repair specialist to ensure that the problem is addressed properly.

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