Colorful decor from Rouge Absolu for Dior windows and DASSAULT FALCON private jets


DIOR appreciates the universe of colors interpreted by ROUGE ABSOLU

ROUGE ABSOLU takes the stage at DIOR to create the chromaticity of the ready-to-wear collections and to thematize its windows on Avenue Montaigne.

A challenge that Géraldine Prieur, interior architect, designer and chromatic expert, takes up with great success.

Géraldine Prieur designs a graphic and colorful decor that will be the common thread of her installations.

Between textures and shimmering colors, the universe of the designer but also of the brand ROUGE ABSOLU, created in 2012, is essential in Dior windows.


A large Qatari family entrusts Géraldine Prieur and her creative agency ROUGE ABSOLU to optimize the comfort of their private jet. The creative studio will bring elegance and glamor to a space intended for business trips, and have a good time.

GUCCI COLORAMA – ROUGE ABSOLU is in the spotlight!

Scenographies created by the design studio ROUGE ABSOLU by Géraldine Prieur on the occasion of the release of the new collection of leather goods and ready to wear.

The theme is Pop & Funky and the glitter is out. Long live the colors!

ROUGE ABSOLU plays with unexpected contrasts to dazzle shop windows. These settings contrast with these padded velvet cases, the code of the Italian brand.

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