Clever Kitchen Storage Ideas to Maximize Your Space


Have your cupboards devolved into a jumbled mess? Is finding the right ingredients akin to a treasure hunt? Does cooking dinner feel like a juggling act stumbling over clutter?

If you answered, ‘yes’, you are in desperate need of kitchen storage solutions in Toronto.

Frankly, youre not alone. Not by a longshot. The majority of us all have too much and too little space to put it in, leaving us feeling cluttered, disorganized and trapped.

In this guide, well help you explore some of the most unique, innovative, yet simple kitchen storage ideas you can put into action today to maximize space and get more done.

Best Kitchen Storage Ideas

“Best” might be subjective, but these unique storage solutions should get your creative juices flowing. For more ideas Good Housekeeping has also compiled a unique list of 22 ideas you can garner inspiration from.

Of course, if budget allows, opting for a full remodel or overhaul is also a surefire way to bring your kitchen up to date, improve usability, and increase storage custom-tailored to the unique needs of yourself and your family.

But lets start with some quick and easy options

1. The Pull-Out Pantry

Perfect for dry goods, canned items, spices and other essentials, a pull outpantry keeps your items organized and tucked safely away out of sight yet readily accessible. Available in a wide range of styles, pull out pantries can be customized to fit virtually any under-cabinet space or need.

2. Closet Conversion

Many homes, especially those with separate outdoor entryways near the kitchen also have a closet that is often utilized for coats, boots, and other gear. If you too have a closet near the kitchen, or that is easily accessible from the kitchen, consider converting it into a traditional food pantry. If this is not an option, you can still utilize shelving or part of the space to store lesser-used kitchen items such as appliances or special cookware.

3. Built-in Upgrades

Microwaves, water dispensers, coffee machines, and more all take up a lot of real estate in your kitchen. If budget allows, updating your kitchen with built-inappliances can free up a lot of space while modernizing your kitchen.

4. Specialized Above-Window Storage

For display items or those which can sit comfortably on shelving, your windows may offer hope where you least expected it. Stylish custom and ornamental shelving can be stylish yet functional. These single shelves extend above the window and are perfect for cookbooks, small appliances, displaying dishes and more.

5. Hang Out with Hooks

The space directly underneath overhead cabinets is a lesser-thought of, yet ideal space to incorporate storage. How? With the use of under-shelf hooks. These are perfect for hanging lightweight, smaller kitchen items such as coffee mugs, utensils and more.

6. Cutting Board Cover

Most homeowners put a premium on countertop space. Yet there isnt a whole lot you can do to make more of itor is there? Consider upgrading your cutting board to one that is designed to fit over your sink, providing you with additional workspace.

7. Decant Any Bulk Items

Do you often find yourself inundated with cereal boxes, bags and other large food items that take up a lot of space? Consider investing in food bins, Tupperware storage or large glass jars to store the contents of these large bulky items from the store.

8. Have an Island? Give it an Upgrade

First off, if you dont have an island, but have ample space for one, consider having one installed. They can provide additional counter space for work, dining and cooking, as well as storage. If you already have an island (even one with underneath storage cabinets, consider installing additional shelving or pull out drawers.

9. Turn the Outside of your Fridge Into Extra Storage

Weve all hung magnets, grocery lists and childrens drawings on a fridge at some point or anotherbut did you ever consider magnetic shelving? Perhaps you should. These easily removable magnetic shelves are perfect for lightweight items that need to be readily accessible.

10. Install Racks

Simple, affordable and effective, modern-day racks offer an innovative and easy way to organize and store a wide range of items. Popular options include a stemware rack, magnetic knife rack, and pot rack.

Kitchen Storage Solutions to Make Your Life Easier

We spend countless hours in the kitchen, preparing meals, conversing about our day, and hanging out with friends and family. For most of us, our kitchens are the one place that always seems to run out of space. By following the tips in this guide, you can quickly reclaim unused space, make your life a little bit easier, and enjoy your kitchen to the fullest.

As always, if you need additional help exploring options to transform or update your kitchen, reach out to Kitchen Land today. Our team is ready and eager to learn more about how they can help.

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