Clear Home Design: Why You Should Consider Glass Alternatives for Your Living Space Décor


Glass is the most translucent material there is, one that denotes modernity and is commonly used in the works of this present age. Glass has come a long way since the early development of glass making. Its versatility is one of its unique characteristics – that’s why it’s an essential material in today’s buildings.

One significant feature of glass in buildings is its unique ability to transform a space aesthetically and practically, and recent technological advances have widened these possibilities further. Over the years, architects have leveraged exquisite building materials in the design of building masterpieces.

But no other material has come to question the elegance of glass as a unique building material. While many perceive glass as a practical aspect of construction and architecture, it also plays a vital role in the design of interior spaces.

Meanwhile, incorporating glass into the design of a building or décor of a space doesn’t make it instantly beautiful. Keep in mind that you’d want to understand the unique properties of glass and how best to incorporate them in your living space.

So, if you’re looking to set up your space or renovate your current living space, you may want to go for a clear home design. Here are the reasons why:

Glass Designs Helps Invite the Outside in

One of the fascinating pros of glass in interior designs is that it gives you a taste of the outside world from the inside. While interior designs are focused on the inside space of a building, glass designs – like a glass wall – can help bridge the gap between the outdoor and your inside area.

If you’re a lover of outdoor views, imagine how beautiful it’d be to have a nice view of the outdoors from the comfort of your couch – I bet it’d be satisfying. One other significant benefit of glass’s ability to link your interior space to the outdoors is the opportunity to beautify your view with nature.

By offering a view of something like a treescape, a pond, or another natural outdoor element, glass features like a glass wall in your home space can enhance designs that draw from nature by offering a view of natural inspirations. And if you’re fascinated by nature, you’d want to opt for a clear home design.

Glass Offers the Benefits of Natural Light 

Natural light is nature’s gift to humanity. And its effect on our physical and psychological welfare can’t be neglected. Studies have shown that a well-lit place has a positive impact on the mind’s productivity and mood and improves humans’ psychological well-being.

Usually, an average building splurges a significant amount of money on artificial lighting –money you can save with a clear home design that allows the entry of natural light. Besides, opting for such a design is a brilliant alternative to lighting your space in the daytime, and you get to save some money on electricity.

Meanwhile, you’ll enjoy natural light and reduced electricity bills when you choose glass interior décor style. You’ll also enjoy a cool atmosphere in your space as glass is a poor conductor of heat. It regulates the heat in the building keeping the atmosphere calm.

The benefits of a glass-focused interior design are numerous. However, as beautiful as it’d be to have a glass design for your home décor, you might not be financially capable of spending so much on a glass interior. But you wouldn’t want to give up on your dream to design your space to your taste yet.

There are alternative materials that can replace glass, and they possess unique properties that make them more desirable for a clear home design. Materials like Lucite and plexiglass have changed the interior décor design world.

But I’m sure you’re asking, “Why lucite instead of glass?” Well, the answer is straightforward. No material matches lucite in terms of durability and quality. Cast lucite is a high-quality plastic with unique properties that allows it to be made into virtually anything – and that’s the most significant advantage it has over glass.

So, instead of glass, you can go for a lucite home décor as it’s more durable compared to the cost of glass. If you feel like your space is lifeless and in need of some glam, lucite is your best bet – design and cost-wise.

The proper arrangement of some lucite acrylic furniture in your space can open up the entire area. Adding clear acrylic accents might be all you need to bring life into your living space or workspace.

But Is Lucite Like Acrylic

But Is Lucite Like Acrylic?

Many people tend to confuse lucite for acrylic. Well, Lucite, Perspex, and Acrylite are all the same product but different brand names. It’s the same way you’d call every brand of facial tissue “Kleenex.”

Lucite, Perspex, and Acrylite are high-grade acrylic with similar properties that designers use interchangeably. Thus, you can decide to go for plexiglass furniture instead of Lucite and still end up with the same furniture pieces.

So, Why Lucite?

Among the three products mentioned earlier, lucite happens to be the most commonly used for clear home décor. For this reason, many people have asked the question, “Why lucite.”

Lucite has the perfect characteristics that make it suitable for creating custom furniture pieces. It’s:

  • Impact-resistant and extremely strong. Some clear awards are made from lucite, and if you drop such pieces, the highest level of damage you’ll record is probably a few scratches that you can easily buff out
  • Physical components allow ease of crafting and manipulation of the material to create unique shapes and effects while maintaining a uniform standard
  • Unbelievably light. It’s about half of glass’ weight, and its lightweight facilitates easy handling in production. It also lessens the cost of shipping since it’s not a heavy material


There’s so much to be said when it comes to designing the interior of a building. However, the cost aspect of the process is the essential aspect. The amount you’re willing to spend will determine how far the designer can go.

Suppose you have decided on clear home wall décor, and you can’t go for glass designs. In that case, consider alternative materials like lucite or plexiglass as they possess suitable properties to deliver the desired result.


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