Cleaning Your Pool Regularly Is Important – Here’s Why


Owning a swimming pool isn’t all about swimming, fun, and parties. There’s much more to it than meets the eye and it’s important to remember to keep up to date with everything. As it’s an expensive thing to own, it’s best to maintain a regular cleaning schedule to ensure that everything is as it should be. It’s also important to regularly check the chemical balance of the pool as it’s not only good for the health of the pool but for those swimming in it. Cleaning your pool on a regular basis is important, here we take a look into the details as to why that’s the case. 

It Will Look Great 

First and foremost, it’s important to clean the pool based purely on the fact it’s going to make it look amazing. There’s something to be said about walking out your house ready for a dip and walking up to a gleaming swimming pool. It’s a great feeling and if you ever have pool parties then your friends will love it too. 

Dirty pools tend to be a little embarrassing, but it’s also a sign that the water you’re about to jump into isn’t really that safe. Cleaning it regularly will ensure you have sparkling clear water to enjoy every time. 

The Water Will Be Safe 

Neglected swimming pools are the perfect place for harmful bacteria and germs to grow and even multiply. Dirt, debris, and grime can build up very quickly causing it to not only look pretty rough but cause harm to any swimmers jumping in. It would be an awful feeling knowing you’ve got an illness or an infection just because you swam in your own pool. 

Dirty pools can spread disease and also cause eye and skin irritation. If you had a pool party and your friends all got sick because of it you’d feel pretty bad. The professionals of explain that if you clean your pool on a regular basis then this won’t be an issue. Clean in and around the pool to ensure it’s safe for you and everyone else to enjoy. This doesn’t just mean taking out all the debris on the top of the water, it means cleaning the sides and the bottom of the pool as well. This is where things such as bacteria and algae can build up, making your pool look rather green!

Your Equipment Will Last Longer 

Swimming pool equipment isn’t cheap and maintaining it is something you’re going to want to concentrate on purely to keep costs down. Replacing major parts is a costly job and something you don’t want to happen on a yearly basis. As pools require several components to keep them running, each bit of equipment will need checking and maintaining in a weekly cleaning schedule. 

Some of the easier things to do is checking the filters to ensure there isn’t a large build-up of dirt and debris. Leaves can clog these up pretty easily and if the filters aren’t working then your water isn’t going to be as safe as it could be. The pump is another important thing to keep on top of. Ensuring your equipment is in perfect working order will elongate the life of your pool, your fun, and your parties. It will also cost much less. 

Cleaning Your Pool Regularly

It Will Last For Years 

Sure, there are things you can replace in a pool regarding equipment but that’s if you catch it quick enough. Being on top of repairs is something any pool owner knows they need to do. Not only will leaving repairs to the last minute cost you a large amount of money but it will also leave it at risk of not being able to repair it at all. Having a regular cleaning schedule ensures that you are walking around the pool every week checking all the finer details whilst giving it a good clean. 

If you’re someone that uses your pool once or twice a week for something as simple as a quick swim for a workout then you’re going to be able to push your cleaning rota to every two weeks, especially if you have a pool cover for when you aren’t using it. Those using their pool for parties every weekend are going to have to pay a little more attention to their cleaning. The more that use it, the more it will need cleaning. 

Owning a pool is a lot of fun and it’s worth the upkeep effort so you can enjoy a nice, safe environment for all. There’s plenty of reasons to keep your pool clean but if there’s one to remember it’s your own safety. Dirty water can harbor bad bacteria and that’s not something you want swimming around. If you’re truly organized you can have a set time and day to do all your pool duties. If you aren’t then I would suggest trying to get into that mindset, you’ll save a lot of money in the long run by cleaning your pool once a week.

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