Cleaning & Restoration Tips: How To Salvage Old Furniture In Your Home


The pieces of furniture in your home are important because these affect the functionality and ambiance of your property. Regardless of how spacious or expensive your property is, if you don’t have the necessary furniture for every room in the house, your property will be useless. No one would want to stay in your property if they can’t sit, lie down, or eat with ease.

However, there’ll be instances when furniture eventually becomes old and, in worse cases, an eyesore to your home. Instead of improving the comfort of the household and the appearance of your home, these old pieces of furniture will bring the opposite effects.

If you have several pieces of old furniture at home, salvage them by hiring pros, such as Summit Cleaning & Restoration in Oregon or anyone from your area, or opt to restore them by doing the following:

Apply A Fresh Coat Of Paint

You can now hire pros from LinkedIn or from other online platforms if you want to mitigate damages caused by storms in your area. They can restore your property to its pre-loss condition to ensure that you can still make the most out of your investment. Along with this service, applying a fresh coat of paint to your outdoor furniture will surely make your exteriors look new.

It’s common for homeowners to invest in outdoor furniture to maximize their outdoor living space. If your furniture already looks old because of the number of storms it survived in the past, a new paint job can do wonders. If you use some wooden outdoor furniture, for example, repainting everything in white will surely reinvent the piece!

Transform Your Tub Into A Reading Nook

Aside from hiring pros to repair your dryers, as seen on the video below, there are actually many ways you can revamp old furniture commonly found inside your bathroom. One of these is by turning your old tub into a reading nook.

If you have the interest and necessary tools for a more complex DIY project, roll up your sleeves and start removing hardware and cutting off one side of the tub. Salvaging your tub will also require you to do some sandblasting, grinding, painting, and making the cushion to be placed inside the tub. You can retain the old color of your tub or opt to color it entirely in a new shade.

Transforming your tub into a reading nook might be time-consuming and daunting, but the finished product will be worth all of your efforts!

Turn Your Dresser Into A Vanity Area

Contrary to popular belief, the vanity area of a home isn’t a luxury. This space is actually a necessity because it helps build your confidence and improve your body image. When you wake up in the morning and see yourself dressed in the mirror, you’ll be ready to take on challenges during the day.

If you currently don’t have any vanity area in your home, don’t worry because you can salvage your old bedroom dresser for this purpose. Simply cut a hole in your dresser top to accommodate a self-rimming sink, cut other holes at the back for plumbing, place the furniture on your bathroom, and you’re good to go.

Turning your dresser into a vanity area is also a great way to reduce clutter. Dressers usually come with large drawers, allowing you to keep all of your knick-knacks in one safe place.

Line Drawers With Wallpapers

Drawers are important in every home. This furniture can help get rid of clutter in every room in your home and ensure that everything inside looks organized. Drawers are especially important in the kitchen as these are used to store utensils and spices. However, since drawers are one of the most used furniture in your home, expect that it’ll lose its aesthetics fast.

For your drawers to look new and exciting again, stick wallpapers inside. Depending on your preferences, you can use wallpapers in plain colors or those that come in bold prints. You can also change the knobs of your drawers to either complement or contrast your chosen wallpapers.

Salvaging your old drawers with wallpapers might be cheap, but, for sure, these will bring new life to your drawers and even make them look expensive!

Patch Up Couch Tears With Lace

Regardless of the number of people living in a house, sofas and couches are a must. These pieces of furniture provide comfort indoors and encourage the household to converse with each other. The whole family can easily bond in the living room if there are enough sofas and couches for them.

Sofas and couches are large pieces of furniture, which is why any damage to these items is always visible. Make sure that your old sofas and couches don’t ruin the aesthetics of your home by patching up tears with lace. Wear and tear is a common problem for old sofas and couches, but instead of fixing this issue, opt to place some lace on the damaged areas.

Aside from being a cheaper solution, adding lace to your old sofas and couches will add an elegant or eclectic appeal to your living space.

Make Some Born-Again Benches

Seats are essential in every home. Aside from having sofas and couches in the living area, homeowners should also invest in individual seating solutions for the dining area, as well as outdoor entertainment space. The more people living inside a house, the more seats the home will usually have.

For your old seats to look new again, repurpose at least three mismatched chairs and turn them into one unique bench. For this project, you need to make sure that all the seats are of the same height. And, once you’ve sanded and painted all of them, you can add a cushion that connects the three. You can choose to add a cushion in the same color as the chairs or one that stands out from the furniture.

This is a cheap and simple project that will only require three chairs, the right length of foam, and some fabric.

Use Your Old Window To Make A Shadowbox

Homeowners would like to impress their guests and family by investing in different home decors. A house is an expensive investment, which is why homeowners would like to make theirs different from others. If you share the same sentiment, then, using your old windows to make a shadowbox should be on top of your to-do list.

Regardless if you want your shadowbox to hang on the wall or double as a coffee table, your old windows will surely enable you to showcase some of your favorite decorative items. Just make sure to keep your old windows clean, so your guests and family can easily see what’s placed inside.

Re-Create Your Child’s Crib

One of the biggest mistakes parents make when their children start to grow is to immediately dispose of their cribs. Cribs take up a lot of floor space and can become a problem for parents who live in small homes.

If your child already outgrew their crib, don’t throw the furniture away. Instead, spend some time to turn the piece into a table. Cribs are bulky pieces of furniture and can be used in a number of ways, aside from keeping your baby safe while they’re still little.

To turn your child’s crib into a functional table, simply remove one side rail, insert it into the crib in order to create a shelf, and, then, finish it off by putting a butcher block or piece of glass on top of it. You can keep some of your work essential underneath the topmost layer of the table and use the repurposed furniture as your workstation at home.

Turn Your Old Drawers Into Your Pet’s Personal Space

Gone are the days when pets are treated as mere watchdogs. Today, pets are members of the family and pet owners are spoiling them with toys, clothes, and treats. Some pet owners would even treat their pets as babies!

If you have a pet at home and would want to provide the best for them, repurpose your old dresser drawer by turning it into your animal companion’s personal space. This is a simple DIY project that will only require you to look for a dresser drawer big enough to fit your pet, use a few cans of paint, and buy some comfy cushions. If you’re planning to place the furniture outdoors, you can also add an old umbrella to ensure your pet’s comfort.

Your old dresser, once decorated properly, can be used as your pet’s place to nap or play with their toys. But, when introducing the furniture to your pet for the first time, keep an eye on them as they might chew on the sides of the drawers and eat up the cushion.

It’s Easy When You Know How

Just because your pieces of furniture are already old doesn’t mean that you should immediately throw them away and buy new ones. As long as you know how to clean and restore furniture, it won’t be long before these pieces will look and feel new again!

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