Cleaning and Prevention: How to Deal with Graffiti on Your Business’s Building


Unfortunately, it can seem like a blank wall on your business is just asking for graffiti. It can be unsightly and can really turn potential customers away if left in place. You need to know how to clean graffiti away and how to prevent new designs from appearing across the walls of your business.

Reach Out to Experts

Why take crucial time out of your busy working day to scrub your walls? In addition to having more important tasks to focus on, you might not be able to lift the paint in precisely the right way. This could damage the walls of your building, or you could end up leaving a residue behind that looks even worse than the original design did.

By reaching out to professionals such as, you can be certain that the graffiti will be cleaned off your building in just the right manner. They will be able to clean it away until there is not a trace left behind and will be able to do so without damaging the wall underneath too. However, their repeated services will not be the most cost-effective choice, so looking for prevention methods will also be key.

Anti-Graffiti Paint

One of the most common options is anti-graffiti paint. A common misconception here will be that the paint itself cannot be painted on. However, that is not true. It instead acts as a barrier between the building and the graffiti, making the latter much easier to clean up.

Anti-graffiti paints typically come in two forms. The first can be removed using a pressure washer (a task for your professional contacts perhaps) and then reapplied. The second is a permanent coating that is more expensive, but again can be washed down to get rid of the paint.


Having cameras set up around your property is useful for several reasons. It is really important when it comes to caring for the security of your business, and could be a useful deterrent against theft. However, it can also serve as a deterrent against other crimes, such as vandalism. For this reason, you might wish to consider installing some cameras to cover key spots – including where the vandals have been graffitiing.

Make sure that you also have a few signs up to warn that the business is under surveillance. This, coupled with a few visible cameras, might be all someone needs to think twice about tagging your walls again.

Graffiti can be a real issue, but it can be one that is relatively easy to deal with. By having the right precautions in place and a good business to call if you need help washing graffiti away, you should be able to deal with any and all graffiti that appears on your business. Don’t forget to report any incidents to the police if you can – especially if you think that you are being targeted again and again by the same person. Graffiti should not have to be something that you deal with as a business.



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